Man refuses to be a victim; grabs gun from robber

This will make your day, I promise!
It was 5 a.m., Saturday, April 27, 2013.
Day had not yet broken and Burgundy Street in New Orleans was still dark and empty — except for a man walking, his attention on his cellphone.
But a robber was behind the man — with a shotgun.
The robber pointed the gun into his face, took his cellphone and demanded money.
The victim batted the weapon away from his face and grabbed it with his right hand — sending the attacker running in the other direction.
Joe Bonda, whose home security camera recorded the holdup, told local station WVUE: “”After he took the shotgun away, he chased the guy down the street. The guy ran right by his car, he didn’t even stop to get in his car and drive away.”
The Times-Picayune reports that the New Orleans Police Department said the attacker and an accomplice got into a black sedan and circled the block several times before pulling up to the victim to propose a trade. “Give me my gun back and I’ll give you your phone that you dropped,” the driver said.
No deal. Instead, the victim smashed the car’s rear windshield!

Bonda said, “I hope they can get the license plate off of one of the cameras. If the police can improve the video enough to get the number off the plate, then that would be great.”
A similar incident occurred the night before around 12:30 a.m. a block away from the other incident. Two young men tried to rob another person at gunpoint on Touro Street, hitting him three times, before the victim escaped without turning over anything.
Anyone with information about these two incidents is encouraged to contact NOPD.
[Source: New York Daily News]
Here’s the contact info for the New Orleans Police Dept:

Det. Michael Flores:
Ph: (504) 658-6707
or call CrimeStoppers: (504) 822-1111

I want to know who the non-victim is!!! Don’t you? 😀

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Trail Dust
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7 years ago

That s.o.b. should have been d.r.t …………

7 years ago

Take that!

7 years ago

That is a classic take away move. He’d been taught that. I’d say he has some Military, or Martial Art background. I mean he didn’t even flinch when the gun was in his face. He turned when he heard that universal sound of racking that shotgun.
Great post Eowyn. 😀