Man in South Carolina women’s bathroom caught taking video under a stall

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Gee, I wonder what made it so easy for this man to commit this crime…

From NY Post: Authorities say a man wearing a wig, makeup, and women’s clothing tried to take a picture of a woman from under the stall divider of a South Carolina convenience store bathroom.

Greenville Police said a woman told investigators she knocked on a stall door Sunday and heard a male voice, but wasn’t initially bothered after peeking under the door and seeing women’s shoes.

But police say the woman then saw a cellphone appear under the divider from the next stall and called 911.

Police told media outlets they arrested 38-year-old Shawn Thomas Hallett of Levelland, Texas, after finding a video of the woman on his phone. He was charged with voyeurism.

Hallett remained in jail Monday and records did not indicate if he had a lawyer.


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12 responses to “Man in South Carolina women’s bathroom caught taking video under a stall

  1. This just confirms our reservation about Target-like bathroom policies allowing self-proclaimed “transgenders”, who are really male transvestites, to use women’s restrooms and clothing-changing stalls.

    • Does anyone really care if a so-called “self-identified” tranny gets their feelings hurt because they can’t use the correct bathroom? I don’t. There aren’t enough of them, there are only two genders. People like these have mental problems.

      You don’t fix mental problems by catering to them. People are free to want to be a Wildebeest if they like. I couldn’t care less. That doesn’t obligate us to do anything to help them “realize their dreams”.

  2. I actually could not care much less if someone wants to call themselves a different gender. It doesn’t actually grind any skin off my nose. But if this man had done the same thing to my wife or one of my 3 daughters, there would be jail time, but it would be for me. All that would be left of the perp/perv would be a greasy spot on the floor of the bathroom.
    I was raised to respect everyone, and especially women. I take my marriage to my wife very seriously, and she does the same thing with me. If someone tried to make such a sexual video of my wife, I cannot be responsible for what happened to that person.

  3. Anyone pretending to be something they aren’t can hide so easily these days behind all this bs. If he was serious about being trans, he would be granting privacy and respect, this proves all this ill intent will never work in the public. Two sexes and two restrooms, period.

  4. Looks to me that some angry woman snatched most of this turd’s hair out! When does the giant asteroid arrive?
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  5. Smile and look into the lens of my 9mm camera!

  6. With credit to lifesitenews:

    “Scientists have uncovered 1,559 genetic differences between males and females that relate not only to the sexual organs, but surprisingly to other organs such as the brain, skin, and heart.” No doctor can alter a person at the genetic level with precision enough to produce those 1,559 differences… thus transgenderism is mental illness exploited by quacks (who really should have their credentials revoked) to maim people for life, for their own profit, while actual treatment is shut down.

    This article also shows how vile corrupt scuzzbags also exploit the satanic push to promote mental illness to satisfy their own nasty behavior. Its a lose-lose situation all around… and people fall for this stupidity because “the media has said so”… propaganda at work, propaganda that is, ultimately one of the banes of civilization.

    Speaking of which, just as an aside and to get it out here, from an article on big league politics: “Brian Amerige, a senior Facebook engineer” and the kicker: “On a personal website belonging to Amerige, he states that he followed all philosophical principals that had been laid out by writer and philosopher Ayn Rand.” Most readers here probably know who rand was. Says a lot about facebook… and while Mr. Amerige is arguing in favor of ending the “leftist bias” on facebook, allegedly, if he is a randian, then one wonders if his motivations are less than noble, and if he aims to make controlled opposition as well. (Article: )

  7. Once again, whom do we have to thank for this disgraceful debacle? Barack Obama, who started all this crap, that’s who!
    It was Obama who split this hair with Cabbalistic “precision,” and in him I see a bit of Sartre, the benzedrine-addled criminal who encouraged his students to report on each others sexual trysts and conquests!
    I get it, believe me, I get it: Barack Obama would have perverts everywhere peek under the wall in the stall—anywhere but his “wife’s” nether regions!

    He and Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner shall forever live in INFAMY!!!

  8. Oh, dear, I’m not a violent woman but after his pic taking antic I’d be standing outside the bathroom and let him have it, then I would recourse to 911.

  9. The creep wasted his time getting all dressed up as a woman- he could’ve just gone to Target. 🙄


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