Man falsely accused of rape by actress Lena Dunham sets up legal defense fund

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Actress Lena Dunham is an exhibitionist who strips naked on the HBO cable TV show “Girls” and has a penchant for tweeting and instagramming nude pictures of her chubby self.
In her newly published collection of personal essays, Not That Kind of Girl, for which she was paid a reported $3.7 million from Random House, Dunham describes using her little sister Grace as “a sexual predator might do” — bribing Grace to kiss her for prolonged periods; masturbating while she was in bed beside her sister; and spreading her 6-year-old sister’s legs open to peer into her vagina. (See DCG’s “Lena Dunham: NPD or just a whacko actress?“)
Dunham is also a liar and libelous slanderer.
In her memoir, Dunham described being raped as a 19-year-old in college (Oberlin College in Ohio) by a flamboyantly-mustachioed and well-known campus Republican named Barry, who worked at the campus library and hosted a radio talk show.
But Breitbart News undertook an exhaustive investigation, including visiting Oberlin College to interview staffers and students, and concluded that:

In the end, Breitbart News could not find a Republican named Barry who attended Oberlin during Dunham’s time there who came anywhere close to matching her description of him. In fact, we could not find anyone who remembered any Oberlin Republican who matched Dunham’s colorful description.

See “INVESTIGATION: Lena Dunham ‘Raped by a Republican’ Story in Bestseller Collapses Under Scrutiny“.
Now “Barry” is fighting back to clear and reclaim his good name.
John Nolte reports for Breitbart, Dec. 6, 2014, that for more than two months since October 6, and to no avail, Barry has asked Dunham (through her representatives) to clear his name. So Barry — through his attorney Aaron Minc — set up a legal fund to cover current legal expenses, clear his name, and to potentially file suit against Dunham.
The proceeds from the legal fund will be used only to cover Barry’s legal expenses. If there are any leftover monies, those will be donated to non-profit organizations that aid sexual assault victims. As stipulateded in Barry’s statement:

“All proceeds will be spent by Barry on legal costs and related fees associated with defending Barry’s reputation, including, but not limited to, potentially pursuing Lena Dunham and Penguin Random House for harm caused to Barry’s reputation from the publication and sale of Ms. Dunham’s memoir.”

The statement adds that due to numerous details in Dunham’s memoir that falsely point to him as her rapist, “Barry has already spent a substantial portion of his savings on (at least two months’ worth of) legal fees because of the actions (and inactions) of Ms. Dunham and Penguin Random House.”
The statement concludes by assuring contributors that “[a]ny proceeds not used on legal related costs will be donated to not-for-profit organizations that assist victims of rape and sexual assault, to be selected at a later date.”
Questions and inquiries should go through Mr. Minc, who is with the law firm of Dinn Hochmann & Potter, LLC.
Two well-respected legal writers, the Washington Post‘s Eugene Volokh and Power Line’s John Hinderaker agree that Barry has a solid libel case against Dunham.

Lena Dunham's double date with ObamaDunham’s boyfriend Jack Antonoff posted to Instagram this pic of their double-date with the Obamas. (Source)

To donate to Barry’s legal defense fund, click here. As of the writing of this post, the fund has received $21,175 (out of a hoped-for total of $100,000) in donations.

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0 responses to “Man falsely accused of rape by actress Lena Dunham sets up legal defense fund

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!,

    • titttttttttttties

      Its just wishful recall if you ask me….Who in the world would want to rape Lena Dunham? NO ONE. NOT EVEN A SEX STARVED CRACK ADDICT… I MEAN JUST LOOK AT HER!

  2. Lena is a disgusting excuse for a woman on so many levels. What woman would abuse her sister in this way, it’s vile. I also consider the pictures of her unclothed to be abuse of the general public who may have the misfortune of running into one of her pictures, albeit a blurry one ( thank God), on a web site. I hope she reaps what she has sown through her lies about being raped. Crying rape when it’s not true hurts true rape victims because it causes doubt.

  3. Just when I think it can’t get any worse and some recovery is near, we get another monstrosity such as this. Lord, if all of this bunch could be deported to Mars at one time and live with their Satan, we’d have all the Heaven on Earth we need!
    Dr Tom OBrien warned me about the depravity of the Clintons, but he died suddenly, a few weeks after telling me two years ago. Now we have this, more proof of the infinite cesspool of creeps who believe they are an elite above us mere mortals.

  4. Go get her!

  5. SO-is she an actual relative of the alleged president? Could this be Incest twice removed? Seems to be several coincidences in the works here.

  6. Shouldn’t she be investigated and charged with incest and child molestation for what she admits to doing to her younger sister?!

  7. This woman reminds me of the woman who falsely accused some members of the Duke lacrosse team of rape in 2006. Apparently, it’s open season on heterosexual males and the feminist front doesn’t seem to mind, because it’s grist for their mill.
    In other words, the truth of an accusation does not matter; DO NOT challenge the established “narrative.” This is not merely the “politics of personal destruction” engineered by the Clintons; It is outright offensive nihilism. Where does evil like this get engineered? IN ACADEMIA. I witnessed this as a teacher in New York. The environment is ripe for it.
    On the personal side of this woman (I refuse to use her name), I see, given your report, no mere neurotic. I see criminally insane behavior so egregious, I seriously suspect demonic activity. I am not kidding. I also see the prelude to what could become ultimately self-destructive behavior.
    This woman is a HUMAN TORNADO, and she has to be stopped.

  8. What a nasty creature…. Yep, BO showing his class again!!

  9. And the lawyers/publishers are now trying to cover her lie:
    “The publisher announced this week that future versions of the star’s memoir will indicate that ‘Barry,’ the person who Dunham said raped her when she was a student at Oberlin College, is not the real person’s name but a pseudonym.”

  10. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this revealing post. I hope that “Barry” will file a powerful and effective Complaint against this woman who has chosen to behave in a wicked and deceitful manner. Sickening and terrible!


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