Man cuts off wife’s nose when she protested his decision to marry a child

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The Religion of Pieces strikes again.

Reza Gul/AFP Photo

Reza Gul/AFP Photo

An Afghanistan woman, Reza Gul, 20, was attacked by her husband after arguing with him over his decision to take a 6- or 7-year-old niece as his fiancée. Gul’s husband, Muhammad Khan, 25, then allegedly cut off her nose with a knife. Gul’s mother, Zarghona, told the Times that Khan and his family had beaten and abused Gul throughout her six-year marriage.
Yahoo reports that Gul brought her severed nose with her to the hospital and had already lost a lot of blood, according to hospital officials. But the local Afghan facility was not equipped to reattach her nose. Gul is seeking to travel to Turkey to have reconstructive surgery, according to the the Times. A police official told the Times that the Taliban had arrested Khan and is holding him in custody.
According to the U.N., Afghanistan remains one of the worst places to be a woman, and violence against women remains “endemic.” Child marriages, like the one Khan was said to be arranging, are also common, robbing girls of the opportunity for education and often leading to abuse.
AP notes that many Afghan women are victims of domestic violence because constitutional rights for protection are often denied to women in the country. And progress toward achieving rights for women is often met with significant resistance. This month, women were not invited to join the Afghan delegation during peace talks aimed at ending the country’s decades-long conflict.
Read all the details in The New York Times and the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission report.

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  2. The Muslim immigration problem seems to me to be a problem too sophisticated for the regular population to handle: First, everyone (corporately) has been shamed into accepting a “racism” that isn’t there (Islam is not a “race”) and, Second, the people (corporately) wouldn’t know how to protest it.
    In other words, if one million people actually did protest immigration in Washington, they would be further shamed by the false canard that “America is a Nation of immigrants.” Intellectually, they would not be prepared to respond; The protesters would accept the Ruling Elite’s premises and would be intellectually hamstrung to rebut it.
    That is where we are at.
    People just don’t get it: The Ruling Elite actually DOES DESIRE to DESTROY Western Civilization and depopulate the World. I don’t believe people can wrap their minds around that. You and I can, but regular people can’t.

  3. where are the angry feminists to protest the evils and abuses being done to women in the middle east? …..crickets…..
    I betcha if white men were the ones committing these atrocities, the angry feminists would be all over the place, but with muslims they remain silent…these “feminists” seem to know their place.

  4. My heart grieves for this young woman . . . I fear she may be trapped in this marriage until “death do us part.” I think he needs to have something surgically removed–but it’s located a little farther down that his nose. I would hope that the father of six or seven year old would reconsider marrying his child to this monster; but since Muslim men think so little of females, perhaps he has no pity for his daughter.

  5. I am not surprised that this isolated incident is considered as typical of all Muslim men

  6. My heart grieves


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