Man Boobs Alert!

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Now that he no longer seeks re-election to the House, Barney Frank is letting it all hang out.

I’ve updated the Caption Contest post with this new pic. So those who had submitted a caption may want to submit an updated one! 😉

Anybody besides me see a resemblance.
Tom in NC

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10 responses to “Man Boobs Alert!

  1. What a disgrace…people of MA must be soooooo proud.

  2. Maybe he’ll spend his retirement in a surgical suite getting implants and going the route of Chaz Bono. Then we’ll see him on Dancing with the Stars.

  3. Democrat Semantics … Barney said he would not run for re-elect…… but Bertha Frank might…plus now the Obama Administration has announced that Women should have the same voice as men…. lalalalal …I think we have found the new poster child for that new program…. hey – I see a chairmanship – oops I mean a Chairwomanship for Bertha .

  4. I heard talk show hosts talking about Barney’s “peek-a-boo ” shirt yesterday, and now that I have seen it for myself, it is worse than I imagined ! Disgusting ! Hope I can manage to keep my lunch down.

  5. They should use a shirtless pic of Barney and Moochelle’s new portion plate to drastically reduce food consumption.

  6. and barney says mooooooo moooooooooo and michelle o. says oink oink oink. and barack says puck puck puck… the sounds of the democratic machine sucking the money out of our pockets..


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