Man Assaulted & Arrested For "Impeach Obama" Sign

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On August 26, 2010, a man with a grizzled grey beard, carrying a crutch (disabled vet?) and a large “Impeach Obama” sign at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, was harassed, assaulted, and thrown to the ground by two burly security guards and an off-duty state trooper, each of whom outweighs the protester by at least 50 lbs. The peaceful protester was held down with his arms twisted behind his back until Palmer police and more security guards arrived to arrest and take him away. In all, a posse of some 8 guards and police was dispatched to arrest one disabled peaceful protester.
As a blonde female passerby noted, the guards had no problem with vendors selling Obama t-shirts, but this is how they treat an American citizen exercising his Constitutional free speech right.
Assault on protestor at 3:30 mark. There’s a gun in security guard’s left hand at 4:41.

From Prison Planet:

The protester’s name is Sidney Hill. He was charged with Assault 4-Cause Fear Of Injury, Disorderly Conduct-Challenge To Fight, and Criminal Trespass 2- Upon Premises. However, according to the Valley Frontiersman newspaper, “Assistant District Attorney Trina Sears said her office decided not to prosecute Hill on the assault charge.”
Court record of arrest:
ADN coverage:
Frontiersman coverage:
Newsminer coverage:
Alaska State Fair official statement:

While a few onlookers did object to how Mr. Hill was treated and a kind woman gave water to Hill to drink, most of the onlookers just gawked and did nothing. If I were there, at the very least I would lead the crowd in chanting “IMPEACH OBAMA!” Let the guards try assaulting and holding down all of us. Have Americans become such sheep that we just stand by watching the Obama Gestapo assault a fellow citizen?

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0 responses to “Man Assaulted & Arrested For "Impeach Obama" Sign

  1. What in hell were the protesters protesting if not the growing police state?
    For so many to stand idly by while a harmless old man is being needlessly terrorized by fat bloated government hacks, is truly the picture of who we have become. Those fatties should have been jumped by the entire crowd and if all of them had to go to jail so be it.

  2. I took the time to read MANY comments on ADN link of coverage posted above. I am torn on this one. I definitely believe and defend our constitutional rights to free assembly and freedom of speech, but if a few of these posters are correct, he was also violating the rights of others, including children.
    I would have had to be there to see what transpired before this video started. The thing is…I am fair. I believe we all have rights but in exercising them, we must also respect the rights of others as well. If this man was jumping in peoples faces, as was commented, or scaring children, then, if he was asked to leave, they had the right to ask him to leave. But the brute force was uncalled for. These security guys were big enough that they didn’t have to use brute force. If the man refused to leave, then the police should have been called while they stayed with the guy and tried to explain what rules were being violated. If the man wouldn’t listen, then just stay with him until police arrived.
    This, for certain, is a sticky area.

    • SOooooooooooooooooo, a placard will upset tha kids, or some ungodly liberal double do you feel about the anti war desecretation of the funeral procedings of an army killed in action, lately in the news….all to defend the right to speach.. or is it to defend MY sense of right??? fair my arse

  3. Good Lord!! I know there may be some legal (of course lawyers involved) reasons here, but did they have to sit on him &how many police (security guards) does it take to arrest this man? This could be us one day. Freedom of assembly or speech are now revolutionary acts.
    Might read a book out about Americans standing up to the police state we are starting to see (feel). Great read for is coming to America & it could that history is calling us on our destiny in life. Liked it cause it’s current events. I recommend it.

  4. VOTE NOV 2!! YOUR LIFE,YOUR CHILDREN’S LIFE DEPEND ON YOU! talk to your friends,your family get everyone out to vote please!

  5. Unbelievable…this man needs an attorney ASAP. We must not give into tyranny, vote 11/02!!

  6. Maybe yelling at the security/cops wasn’t a good idea, but otherwise in the purposely-mangled-for-comedy-within-a-PG-rating words of Roman Moronie…


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