Making Americans Illiterate, by Samuel Blumenfeld

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In the summer of 2012, Charlotte Iserbyt hosted a conference on education at her home in Maine, “Exposing the Global Road to Ruin.” Charlotte was the former Senior Policy Advisor in the Reagan education department and blew the whistle on what was planned for our American children.  Some of the top education researchers were present at this conference.  It was my pleasure to have attended as well, and I spoke on the purposeful education destruction in the State of Tennessee. 

Samuel Blumenfeld, one of the finest researchers on the demise of America’s education, was there to speak.  I’m posting this because there were some comments on the Rockefellers in a previous post, and Sam’s speech goes way back to John Rockefeller, Sr.  I know if you’ll take the time to listen, you’ll really be shocked at some of the superb information Sam imparts.

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0 responses to “Making Americans Illiterate, by Samuel Blumenfeld

  1. Like I have been saying for years, the government takeover of education 100 years ago was no accident of nature.
    It was deliberate.
    – Just look at who is currently residing in the White house.

  2. In 2011 I was on youtube going thru videos of 9/11 and other questionable events. To make this short, I found a video which was about 1-2 hours long and Henry Kissinger was talking to a man name unknown – Kissinger said to this man “we are grooming a young man to be president one day his name is Barack Obama”. This was said during the 1980 convention. My sister was visiting and I showed the video to her and of course, we knew then our elections are a scam. Voting is a joke. My mouth fell wide open. This would have made Obie about 19-20 years old. Kissinger was wearing a mustard yellow v neck sweater with shirt and tie. Common dress for the 1980’s. I saved the video to my youtube and I saved it as well to my videos on my computer. It is gone. No where to be found. Everything is planned. And it is all evil. Depopulation, NWO, etc.

    • Well-that sounds like the end of America-is it time for mass suicide yet,or do we dig in our heels and drag our Country back from the edge,and kick O and his supporters Over the edge?

      • I would hope the latter, but TJ, we need to get the American citizenry off their lazy backsides and moving. Therein lies the problem…if we could figure that one out, we’d have a great chance of reclaiming the Republic.

    • “I saved it as well to my videos on my computer.”
      Jan, if you saved the video in your computer, your hard drive should still have it, assuming you still have the computer?

      • Yes I still have the laptop although it is no longer working. I can have as fruern look for it, didn’t even think about that. Thanks!

        • Please do! I had “google” searched on the net for the video, or even a reference to it, but all I could find was your comment.

        • Jan, if the hard drive in that laptop is still good, you can take it out and put it in an external hard drive enclosure. You can then connect it via USB to a working computer. It would just be an external drive. You can get an enclosure at just about any big box computer store.

    • Jan, excellent comment. However, God is still on the throne, He still answers prayers, and He still is in charge…so look up! Our redemption draweth nigh……..

  3. The consolidated work of Charlotte Iserbyt, Sam Blumenfeld, and John Taylor Gatto absolutely changed my whole educational paradigm. Once I saw public education (and, by extension, private schooling) for what it truly is, I couldn’t keep my child in the system and sleep at night.
    Wake up, people: there’s no “opting out” while your child is enrolled in school. You’re either IN or you’re OUT. It’s all or none. We have allowed “education” to be defined for us, and it’s to our extreme detriment.
    Thank you for speaking up about this critical issue.

  4. Smartphones and the Internet are doing a bang-up job already…

    • Yes, Elihew, I fully agree with you, but believe the amount of abortions is now close to 60 million. I also believe that is the number of illegal aliens Obama is about to give amnesty to. Our God has been kicked out of every facet of American life, and shunted to the sidelines. How very sad for America. The cost will be heavy, because His Hand of Blessing is lifted when we deny His presence and blessings. May God have mercy on us.

  5. I have the opinion; which many will disagree with me about; that America is now beginning to receive the judgment of our Holy God for our abandonment of Him; which has grown exponentially since the removal of school prayer, and then reached high velocity with the 1973 Roe v. Wade ‘decision’, which so far has claimed 53+million infant lives.
    I may have already stated this in another post (my short term memory is somewhat shortened by my years!), but those familiar with Scripture will remember Molech, the Canaanite god to whom even the Israelites sacrificed their children; right?! Well, allowing for a much smaller population of Israel then, some scholars have reasoned that the number of these unspeakable sacrifices numbered in the thousands – compare that with the number I quoted above…

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    • Yes, there are a whole bunch of folks tied to common core. However, one must remember they’ve been changing the name of Communist Core since they started Mastery Learning…truly, it’s been around for decades, just getting attention now. Please go back and read the article I posted a few days ago. It’s entitled, THE COMMUNIST CORE DIVERSION. Thanks for your link also, sending it off to my education list. I went to H.S. with Hillary, didn’t like her then, even though she was a Goldwater Girl and a conservative, and I like her much less today, she’s a foul mouthed nasty pompous witch (change first letter to a “b”)

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