Makes sense: Hollyweird libtard Alyssa Milano wore cleavage-bearing blouse to Kavanaugh hearing

Actress Alyssa Milano (R) listens to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as he testifies before the US Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, September 27, 2018. – Kavanaugh was to testify in front of the panel next on Thursday afternoon, having stridently rejected the allegations of sexual abuse by Blasey Ford and two other women in prepared remarks. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / POOL / AFP) (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)


Look up boys…


Actress Alyssa Milano is seen ahead of a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford at the Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., September 27, 2018. Erin Schaff/Pool via REUTERS

Last Thursday actress attention whore Alyssa Milano attended the Kavanaugh hearing as a guest of Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

What do you think a grown woman would wear to such an event? Well if you are Alyssa, you’re going to wear a blouse that exposes your surgically-enhanced cleavage.

There are standards for dressing for events that are to be taken seriously (such as job interviews, court appearances and let’s say, oh, a senate judiciary committee hearing).

What you wear to a certain event creates an image or perception of the type of person you are and is critical to presenting yourself and your credibility. You want to dress for a positive impact, not the wrong kind of attention.

I’m guessing Alyssa wasn’t provided a script, stylist or costume designer for this event.

Maybe she’s “auditioning” for the possible Lifetime movie about the hearings? After all, she doesn’t have much else going on in her professional career.


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30 responses to “Makes sense: Hollyweird libtard Alyssa Milano wore cleavage-bearing blouse to Kavanaugh hearing

  1. I still think she was up to something. She was taking pictures and videos with her phone, and the capitol police confiscated them. She was sitting very close behind Judge Kavanaugh. I don’t trust these people and I don’t think there is anything they won’t do.

    • Charles Patterson

      Since she lacks any intelligence to put on display the only thing left for this bimbo to display is (were, once upon a time) her boobs.

  2. Alyssa Milano is another useful idiot for the left to use to fool the uneducated sheep of society.

  3. She is a provocateur. She’s the prototype of “ two hung low” instead of “one hung low” -low life.

  4. Hey, Alyssa, at 45 (and a hard, worn-out looking 45), you really should put those silicone implants away. No one is interested in them.

    • Kevin Bearly (@Braveheart8850)

      If my dogs face was as ugly as hers I would shave its ass and make it walk backwards.

  5. If I had a face like hers, I’d figure out something else for people to stare at when looking at me.

  6. Liberal women feel they can walk naked wherever they choose and if a man looks or says anything, they are the problem. I don’t care who you are, if you wear attention getting outfits, you’re going to get attention!

  7. My goodness, what happened to her?! She was hit with an ugly stick! That woman is UGLY. I remember a time when Alyssa Milano was easy to look at…

  8. What else has Milano got? If that’s what got you to the party, that’s what you use.

  9. A gift from madam feinstein. Finestein invited her . For what? Nobody should have been there but the participants and those tasked with broadcasting the event. PERIOD. This isn’t a government proceeding. It’s a hollywierd farce. It’s all show, scripted by the Marxists. The right needs to Write the narrative for a change. Investigate fienstein, both clintons, pelosi, obama, biden, and throw a few rinos in there too. Just because they claim conservatism doesn’t mean they are. Look at their their financials, their business ties, where they travel to. All of it. 5 dozen special councils at once. Hit the gas and keep it to the wood.

  10. Only a skank would wear a drop neckline blouse to a hearing about sexual harassment. Even when the accuser’s named witnesses deny or can’t confirm her claims and the allegation is likely false, that’s still not the type of attire you wear to such an event. The woman behind her had the appropriate dress for such an event.

  11. Yuck!!! Old, fake and floppy boobs. Not what I wanted to see.

  12. And if you watched any of the coverage, there was a strange androgynous individual with a “joker-ish” looking grin, even when she wasn’t grinning, sitting right behind fiendstien on her left. WTF. Hope she’s not on unkle sam’s payroll.
    Keep America Great!

  13. She wore it so she could catch Judge Kavanaugh checking out her boobs. This would then allow her to come up with her “aha! He was staring at my boobs! See he is a creep!” moment. Little does she know the whole situation wasn’t about her, her boobs or her sad little ego.

  14. David R(Canada)

    “If those things aren’t for sale why are you showing them to me?”

  15. Ms. Milano saw the same thing we did when she looked in the mirror: a boob!

  16. lol- cleavage bearing?
    maybe she’s bear breasted?

  17. Megaslut mattressback piglet reminds me of the carnival game where contestants shoot water pistols on an effort to make their balloon pop. Only when Alyssa plays, ALL the “pistols” are aimed at her at the same time.

    She’s got brain damage from the top of her head being slammed repeatedly into headboards and drywall.

  18. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Well, I saw her sitting behind Kavanaugh (3 rows back), but never really noticed her “presentation” nor her signs. I *did* see the court guard approach her several times during the hearing, the last time with words exchanged.

    And I saw her interviewed by the media in the hall during a break but naturally hit the mute button. I tend to do that when morons are blathering.

  19. Attention-getting, why Diane Feinstein wanted her there.

  20. Fishnet stockings and pasties to a hearing on sexual harassment. Wow! Taking pictures inside the chambers is forbidden to all by the press. If she wasn’t a “movie star” they would have 86’d her.

    Feinstein is totally classless for inviting her. What a circus.

  21. The demoncrats wanted Kavenaugh to ogle her so they could point to that just like they are torturing him with accusations trying to make him break.
    BTW It is “Baring” not bearing.


    Diane Feinstein insists she leaked nothing. If that is the case, if Mrs. Feinstein really believes that an actress—any actress—shall serve as a successful distraction, that tells me she really believes the public is that stupid. (Obviously, a certain percentage of the public actually is). If, on the other hand, Mrs. Milano is that desperate for attention, what signal is she sending, and to whom? She may be a great actress, but she is a new mother; So she’s hardly a sex-symbol to me.

    Or is she trying to cheer Blasey-Ford on? I see the guilt trip here: “Look at me,” she thinks, “and you’re really just as guilty as Kavanaugh.” So the implication would seem. If that’s the angle—and, at this point, the (really really bad) theater would seem to indict all men along with Kavanaugh. Either way, the implication and the indictment would be coming from Feinstein, as she invited Milano to attend.

    This is what I think was going on here: Milano was acting vicariously through Feinstein, and Feinstein is sending a covert or symbolic message to the public at large.

    And then we have to look at Flakey-Wakey, too: Two Soros-hired GOONS chewed him out as he attempted to disembark an elevator. All of a sudden the cat got his tongue.

    FOR THE LIFE OF ME, I cannot understand why George Soros—international man of criminal master-mindedness—is still walking a free man. He may not be the head of this snake (as Blasey-Ford is CIA), but he’s always there to throw his two poisoned cents in.

    In the meantime, Where’s Waldo? Where’s Sessions??

  23. I think Milano had a far more devious plan. Thomas Wictor had posted a brilliant expose on this and of course he is now suspended from twitter. So I cant find it.
    TW said-allegedly she was there to cause a distraction, for a far more nefarious purpose, she had her hair up in case of a fight, wore that outfit to distract, in other words it was all planned maybe in an attempt to take out Kavanaugh.
    Just like at his earlier hearing when the gun grabber nut case got so close to him.
    There was tons of security there and they were watching her. The swamp – no this is hell!

  24. She knew exactly what she was doing and what impression she was making. I have no doubt she had professional publicly consultants helping her with her clothes and hair and makeup. She had a motivation for being there, that was to derail the Judge and to bolster the woman, and no other purpose. I have never in my life, I mean NEVER, called a woman the disgusting word that starts with the letter C, and I will not start now, but if I were going to, she would be the one. I have to much respect for women in general to use that word, but I will say that she is without a bit of class.

  25. Poor Alyssa. “Fighting” for the “rights of women” (jokes on her – we already have all of the same rights as men and more) by presenting herself as a sex object – the very thing her type claims they hate to be seen as. She was disgraceful in her behavior, had NO business being there and was disrespectful of the entire process. Of course, she’ll never be embarrassed by her ignorant, entitled behavior because this group never can admit they’re wrong about anything. They just choose a cause, claim themselves victims and behave like schoolchildren.

    Signed – a real woman with class and intelligence that would have known how to present herself respectfully and with dignity

  26. The left can’t stand the American values left to us, so they dress like it’s a must to show “saggy implants” trying to look 24 when your looking 54. Trash is trash and this is trash.


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