Make this inexpensive "chew bone" treat for your dog!

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Here’s an inexpensive treat you can give to your dog, instead of those expensive store-bought chew-bones.

We have a black labrador called “Sasha”.  Our vet calls her “wild thing” because she is an exuberant puppy.  My husband brings her inside the house, but she is on a leash which is afixed to the couch leg and that works very well.  We also have cats!

However, we have noticed how expensive those chew bones are for dogs.  Unbelievable – $6.00 and up, and for one bone!  Geez-louise!!  I am not a cheap person by any means.  But, I don’t like to pay $50.00 for a candy bar!  It is insulting!  Hence, I came up with this little idea.

I baked a ham the other day and found myself with two ham bones. So I put them in zippered plastic bags in my freezer. Since Sasha loves ice cubes, I just gave her a frozen ham bone, with some meat still left on it.  She loves it! It’s also kept “Wild Thing” occupied for over three hours! And because it was frozen, there was no mess.  She cleaned everything up nicely!

Another idea for a dog treat is beef ribs.

I bought a discounted rack of beef ribs in my local Walmart. I baked them in the oven and, after they were cooled down, I put each rib in a frozen zipper bag and put it in the freezer. Now, Sasha has frozen beef ribs as a treat! I paid $4 something for the entire rack of 7 ribs, which dollar-cost-average to about 57 cents per rib! Compare that to the $6 for a store-bought chew bone! And, Sasha just loves her home-made “chew bones”.  🙂

Obviously, you have to be careful what kind of bones you give your dog.  You must stay away from small bones that come from poultry and fish.


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0 responses to “Make this inexpensive "chew bone" treat for your dog!

  1. Our dog, AJ is a habitually chewer and thankfully has yet to wreck anything in the house. We do what you mentioned here and he gets an occasional beef bone. We get three large Nylabones a year for him and he is always chewing on them, always. A bit spendy but worth it. Without the Lord, family and AJ, who is always by my side, I would be truly lost.
    AJ is one more of the Lord’s most wondrous creations. I will GLADLY take the company of most dogs over most people I have met in my life.

  2. We have two chocolate labs and they absolutely LOVE those bones. Like you mentioned, be careful on your selection. We were going to give each one of them their own turkey leg, not knowing that the cartilage could have killed them. Thank God for moms! She stopped us just as we were laying the leg down in front of them. We took the meat off and they devoured it.

  3. More good ideas from Grouchy and Patriot. I agree, I will GLADLY take the company of dogs and cats over most people too! St. Bonaventure, a buddy of St. Thomas Aquinas, said that animals are creatures without sin. They are God’s creation and so wonderful!

  4. Dog spelled backwards is God. Maybe just Gods little way of telling us how loyal, and loving we should be.

  5. I used to have a pair of lab-doberman mixes, and I had to buy two of those big, expensive compressed bones, and they would chew through them in a couple of days.

  6. I think the issue with poultry bones comes in if they are cooked. Something to check out. I’ve seen more than one dog or pig eat a live chicken with no ill effects.

  7. Well shouldn’t have said seen it… It was after…

  8. hujonwi, that is awful!

  9. Dogs should NEVER have baked or cooked bones!!! They splinter & the sharp eaten pieces can pierce the intestines. Ask any vet. It happens too frequently. Raw bones are fine especially if they are frozen for 3 days to kill any bacteria on them.

  10. Never give your dogs bones that are frozen? ! This is a good way to damage or break their teeth are you crazy? Always defrost them first….

    • This was a very large bone with left over meat on it. She had no problem with it and enjoyed it. I am not crazy Fiona.

  11. To any readers of this article which is well intentioned but very dangerous to dogs. NEVER! give your dogs cooked bones just as a couple others have stated when cooked they can splinter and cause choking. Raw bones are whats best.


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