Make it stop: Obese model goes nude for "female empowerment"

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tess holliday

Tess Holliday: Making an “important” statement…or something.

Feminism is not a girl’s friend. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, “positive” or “empowering” about being obese.
Tess Holliday is a model who is 5’5” and weighs 260 pounds, according to bodymeasurements.orgPer the CDC BMI calculator, her BMI is 43.3 – she is obese. Her normal weight range should be 111 to 150 pounds. How in the world did having almost 50 percent body fat become celebrating “body positivity?”
Tess is now posing nude, again, under the guise of “empowerment.”
You know what would be more empowering? Keeping your clothes on and getting control of your obesity.
Ain’t feminism grand?
From Yahoo: Over the weekend, more than one million people are estimated to have joined in the Women’s Marches around the world. Nick and Tess Holliday took a stand of their own for female empowerment: The body positivity activist and her photographer husband each shared a nude photo of Tess on their Instagram accounts to advocate for respect for women, no matter what they look like or how they’re dressed.
“Women deserve respect, whether they are completely naked or covered head to toe,” Nick wrote on Saturday. “I’m too sick to march, so I worked on this photo we shot a few weeks ago to post today. No alterations to her body or bare face have been made. #effyourbeautystandards #nomakeup #unretouched #womensmarch.” On Sunday, Tess reposted the photo and her husband’s caption, adding, “Repost my hubby @nickhollidayco 💘.” In the black and white photo, Tess’s bare back is to the camera. She wears her long hair in a ponytail and stares off into the distance, with lush Californian hills as the photo’s backdrop.
The 32-year-old plus-size model has previously shared nude photos to make other important statements. Last August, she posted a photo in which she wears nothing but sheer underwear as she gazes at the camera. The caption explains that the photo reminded Holliday of her own quote from her 2017 book, The Not So Subtle Art of Being A Fat Girl: Loving The Skin You’re In. “It goes: ‘Fat people have sex. A lot of it. And it’s really fucking good.’ That’s all 💁🏻💅🏻✌🏻,” the caption reads.
In 2016, while pregnant with now 19-month-old son, Bowie Juniper, Holliday posed nude for The Telegraph. “Just because we’re plus-size doesn’t mean we have to prove that we’re healthy, just as someone who is smaller than us or average size doesn’t have to prove they are healthy. We should be able to exist in our bodies. I am technically healthy but my body is no more valid than someone’s who isn’t,” she said in the accompanying interview with The Telegraph. “I was 7 months pregnant in these photos & loved every moment,” Holliday added in her May 2016 Instagram post about the Telegraph shoot.
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0 responses to “Make it stop: Obese model goes nude for "female empowerment"

  1. If being obese is empowering, then this man/woman? must be the most powerful in America:

    • Disgusting when you can’t get your arm behind you and you have to have someone else to wipe and wash you.

    • Depends…is that person a demorat or republican? As we know, demorats say Trump is unfit to be president, based upon his physical. Being fat is only empowering when you apply their double standards. Liberal logic…

      • DCG . . . . That is a point well taken! If Killary got in, they would have ignored the fact that she could not walk on her own, while giving speeches, she would have a lapse mid sentence, but NO she was well qualified to occupy the oval office. To the common observer, it is ridiculous this double standard.

    • Dr Eowyn . . . . that picture just leaves me heartsick. Seeing that should be an incentive to anyone to try to lose weight.

  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    Putting patches (tattoos) on these bodies will not cover up the fat or enhance their (already) beauty. Being over weight does not enhance your health. Some people just like to be a heavy weight and no amount of talking will help – they just LIKE TO INDULGE.

    • kommonsentsjane . . . . I picked up on that also. If you look at some of the other pictures of her, such as when she was pregnant . . . you will see that she has huge tattoos on the upper arm, the forearm, her thighs, and her lower leg. To see that much ink on one woman is nothing short of appalling. Can you imagine what these will look like should she get her weight under control, or if she lives long enough to start losing muscle tissue relative to old age–that will definitely not be a pretty picture.
      I agree with you completely . . . the tattoos were assuredly done in order to take the viewer’s mind off how heavy she is . . .

  3. No self respecting person with morals would pose nude. This female is nothing but blubber!

  4. I thought women already had to much power. Give them an inch and watch them run miles and miles. They have stripped men to nothing and they are still not happy. What next?!

  5. OMG there are somethings in life better never seen so can someone tell me how to UN-see this, I don’t want to close my eyes now I see it every time.

  6. Obesity is a real medical condition, and although I’ve always found it to be grotesque (beyond a certain point), it can be dealt with. Much has been learned over the past 20 years about good nutrition and supplements, diet plans and the like.
    My late mother suffered from life-long obesity and found real hope and real results in the TOPS program (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly), a sort of 12-step cognitive-behavioral program. She lost over 70 pounds and kept it off for the last eight years of her life.
    I sort of understand Pennington’s situation from my own observation, and I am against making fun of obese people. They have real problems and real lives, just like anyone else, and as someone who has been treated like a freak growing up here in New York, I understand—to some degree. But will someone please tell Miss Pennington that there aren’t too many people as obese as she past the age of 60: When your heart grows to twice its normal size in order to live, it conks out faster. (My mother made it to 85, but she was the rare exception).
    Someone tell Miss Pennington to put some clothes on and clean up her act and her attitude. I wish her well.

    • steven . . . . that was a excellent addition to this discussion. What a wonderful gift to you that your Mother was able to lose weight, while enjoying the companionship of other people suffering with this same problem . . . and you were able to have her in your life for such a long time!

    • You’re absolutely right,Steven,however it’s pretty easy to see the difference between someone who wants to lose weight and is working on it,and someone who has NO interest in trying,and has given up.

  7. if “empower” means eating, then she is full of it
    if the idiot feminists made their own version of ‘the emperor’s new clothing’…this would be it

    • MomOfIV . . . . I just cannot wrap my mind around the thought that posing in this manner equates to “empowering females.” This is just beyond me.

      • ditto Auntie…this “empowering females” propaganda is not only terribly mind baffling, but more of satanism where everything is upside down….
        I read her twitter post where she said she is “healthy”.
        I wonder if she is aware that fat holds toxins and her extra skin with tattoos means more toxins?
        that means her “healthy” body is literally a toxic waste dump….so much for being “healthy”.

  8. Her idiot husband said, “I’m too sick to march”. Can’t say as I blame him, I would be sick too after looking at those rolls of blubber.
    Stunts like this are done for money, nothing more. Someone has an agenda.

  9. Please, no.

  10. Empowering has become a another work for sickening? Like in: ‘I can’t come in to work today, I’m empowered. I have a stomach virus’.

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  12. Funny how it’s ok to fat shame the president because he’s about 10-15 pounds over weight but it’s not ok to fat shame obese women.

    • MyBrainHurts . . . . You have just come up with the sixty-four thousand dollar question! According to statistics there are a whole lot of Americans who are 10-15 lbs heavier than they should be. The real question here is . . . how much does Killary weight? In lbs how much overweight was she at the time she ran for the white house? I should imagine that amount to come in at 25-30 lbs. Yet again, there is a double standard!

      • “how much does Killary weight?”
        hmmmm…..I wonder…the libtards are all over Trump, but give coughing up green lung butter into a clear glass in front of a paid audience-passing out into a disguised medical van-“breaking” toe-hellary a pass….on everything, including murder.

  13. This article makes me feel better about the annoying extra ten pounds I stupidly put on over the holidays. Usually I am more careful but depression hit this season after so many deaths in my family over recent years. Not an excuse to make myself unhealthy, though. So I am adjusting my diet ASAP and monitoring calories while increasing nutrition; already lost three of the pounds. It really is NOT that hard even without exercise; but it is no doubt overwhelming after you are tens or hundreds of pounds overweight because at that point you MUST get major control over your mind and emotions or you will fail to change.

    • Don’t worry…lots of folk gain pounds during the holidays. Sounds like you have a good plan for correction!

      • I don’t have the Halloween,Christmas and New Years celebrations to blame for my size (5’9″-190 pounds)-I just love all the stuff I’m not supposed to over-do it on. It’s weird-I have such GREAT willpower on MOST things,but food and old trucks-not so much….

  14. W. Churchill to G. B. Shaw, “You look as though there is a famine in the land!”
    G. B. Shaw to W. Churchill, “You look as though you caused it.”

  15. This is just the result of the SAD diet (Standard American Diet). Calorie counting low fat no fat “cholesterol” scare that was based on bogus studies to begin with. Not the feminism insanity, that’s freemason zionist propaganda. Until people can stop eating refined sugar, refined flour and other ‘non food’ items like no fat meat and dairy, this will continue. Richard Stare MD was one of the champions of the lies about diet.
    Look at food and what people ate historically. Look at how healthy the Scottish Highlanders were before the British committed the “clearances” on their lands (while the men were away fighting for Britain) and forced them to move from their farms and livelihoods. They typically ate haggis, organ meats and their animals, natural milk (not pasteurized/homogenized crap they sell nowadays) and all the fat from grass FINISHED animals, not from abused CAFO animals or dairy cows injected with GMO rBST hormones.
    People are more unhealthy than they’ve ever been before in human history. And, it’s not by accident.

    • chemtrailssuck . . . . Your comments are so right on! Doctor’s have sold us a bill of goods regarding “what is good for us, and what is not.” For instance, it used to be almost criminal to eat an “egg,” but now “eggs” are considered to be a good addition to one’s diet. I no longer pay any attention to what people have to say about low fat, no fat, low carbohydrate, no carbohydrate, lean mean, no meat . . . . the list goes on . . .
      Personally, I have started eating a huge salad, with half a can of canned “tri beans (a mixture of three kinds of beans) and I find it to be wonderful, and extremely satisfying, and yes I do use a regular salad dressing on it.
      I certainly would agree with you, there has been a concerted effort to mis-lead people in general about their diets. When thinking about this, it is to the good if more people die of problems relating to their bad diets . . . then there won’t be quite so many people that will need to be eliminated when the New World Order Crowd take over. (I suppose I may have a very cynical view of things. I would never have thought in this manner 15 years ago, but now I see that we really do have a shadow government that is steering not only our country, but foreign lands, in an attempt to bring about their downfall.)

      • Dear Auntie L,
        People keep eating because their brain is telling them it’s not satisfied and needs certain nutrients. People used to not be anywhere near as obese as today. Look at old movies. There were a few fat people, but they always ate….cakes! Donuts! Fudge. Sugar. Sody pop. If you look at the research Weston Price did, he identified the problems of modern society’s diet in his epic book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”. I’ve had great results with my kids- the first was born with me knowing nothing of any diets. He was almost premature, but luckily not. He was low birth weight, and he has a narrow jaw and crowded teeth (I’m looking into getting his dental arch widened hopefully by a dentist that follows the Weston Price guidelines), and my other kids have broad dental arches and no crowded teeth. It’s due to maternal diet and other factors. I forced myself to take cod liver oil with butter oil during my last pregnancies and it really helps with the kids. Their eyesight is perfect, even my oldest one. They even take CLO, though I have to get them the cinnamon flavor and mix it with applesauce. Eating good quality fats (like grass finished beef if you can find it) and good bread (I make it myself with organic spelt berries, it’s pretty easy let me know if you want the recipe) will fill you up and give you energy to spare. Any time I can’t get good food and have to eat not so great food, I feel it, my body starts to creak and all that fun stuff that is attributed to “old age”, and I’m not that old! 😉

        • chemtrailssuck . . . . Very interesting post! I am going to check into getting some cod liver oil. I believe it is very true, if people were getting good nutrition from real food, we would be much better off.
          I think it is amazing when watching old movies how extremely narrow the hips look on those actresses. You are right, people before 1960’s were a much leaner group than what we have today.

          • Greene pastures sells the best brands. You have to watch your sources, some over heat it and denature it, others ‘deodorize’ it which destroys delicate nutrients. I like using the cod liver oil/high vitamin butter oil, the two work synergistically. Some old time things were the best ideas. It’s helping to keep my teeth from decaying further, that’s for sure. 🙂

  16. That photo reminds me, my shirts need ironed!

  17. Women do not deserve anymore respect than any other human being and that includes men and children. This woman would do more to celebrate respect for her body by keeping her clothes on. I don’t want to see her fat obese, unhealthy body anymore than I want to see a thin well built naked body. It is not necessary and makes a mockery of women. She is just doing this for publicity and to make some $$$$ of the backs of the very women she says she is supporting.

    • brakenkaren . . . . Congratulations! You have expressed correctly all there is to say regarding this woman posing in the nude. It flies in the face of the idea that “women would be more respected by this horrific display of nudeness.” She needs to put her clothes on, and keep them there when she is in a public place.

    • You’re right. Respect also needs to be earned, and I can’t respect someone who wants to flaunt her flab and then say we have to respect her because she doesn’t know that she should stop eating too many donuts.

  18. Believe it or not that are some men who live to be with a big fat woman. Ever watch that reality show “my 600 pound life” every time a woman weighing 800 plus pounds start to lose weight their partners, boyfriends or husband leave them…..

  19. Anyone notice her resemblance to some of those clouds?

  20. Oh barf.
    LOL – Any wonder sex robots are becoming so popular?
    At least if they roll over on you, you won’t suffocate.
    Plus, they have on “Off” button. 🙂

    • Dave, I saw those sex robots, they had them at some (gah) strip club at some sort of geek convention. Apparently guys don’t want to actually put any effort out to find a real woman, so they’ll settle for robots instead. Heck they don’t even have to buy them dinner and they won’t get rejected or laughed at. And no VD risks either….

  21. Obviously, the gist of all this is that things as they are and have been are not “right”. Up is down, left is right, lies are truth. Well,, I want no part of “their world”. How do they plan to enforce this if people refuse to pay them any attention?

  22. “Only” 260 lbs? At 5’5″—-pretty much think it’s more like 300 or more…like 350 by the looks of the “overhangs” on back, arms, waist, hips…..Having been an art major, I’ve viewed/painted/drawn/etc a ton of naked people. This is NOT a 5’5″ 260 lb person……this is MUCH MORE. WHATEVER. I guess it doesn’t matter….she’s pretty large, no matter what.
    And, is there any woman in the USA anymore who is NOT tatooed? I’m really “at sea” about this phenomenon. Not judging….just wondering and questioning the motivations behind altering your skin for the rest of your life……I couldn’t do it. I was nearly 30 years-old before I got my ears pierced (and I was at that point a jewelry designer—pretty much an occupational “hazard.” )…….and I felt badly at that b/c I had altered the body that God gave me. I remember thinking….”Now, when I die, I’m going to meet God with holes I put in my ears….” Your body is a temple unto God……remember THAT? MAYBE I am just a backward GEEK….but…I love to read the word of GOD and I take it seriously into my daily life….I am not perfect, never will be…but I am just a lowly HUMAN and I appreciate the guidance. I don’t think that God’s words were “suggestions.”

    • CalGirl, You need not worry about the pierced ears. In Biblical times, often a male slave would be given a wife from the master to have children with, who were then the property of the master, as well as the wife. When the male slave’s time was up, for they were actually more like indentured servants, and the typical time period was 7 years, the male slave could go free.
      However, often the slave would not want to leave the wife and child(ren) that he had. So he would tell his master ” I don’t want to leave, I love my family, and my master.” So, in order to show his devotion, the master would take an awl, and the slave, and, placing the slave’s ear on the door frame of the master’s house, he would pierce the slave’s ear, and pin it to the door frame of the house, thus symbolically pinning him to the master.
      This was a good deal for the slave in many ways, not the least of which, the master was responsible for feeding and caring for the slave, and the family that the slave had started would remain with him as well.
      Of course, from time to time, a slave might get angry or upset with his master. But then, all he had to do was reach up and feel the hole in his earlobe, and he would be a reminded that he loved his master, and his family, and had made a commitment to him.
      There are parallels to this when we are baptized. It is also a sign of our love and devotion to God. It doesn’t change anything about us, it is just a reminder of what happened on the inside.
      I am sorry that I cannot give you any references for this, or links to follow to find out more. I studied this out over 33 years ago, in Bible college, and while the story was intriguing enough to remember, back then we didn’t have the internet, and I had to learn a lot from the library. But you can either believe it or reject it. In my opinion, getting your ears pierced is not much different than using makeup. Obviously not caked on like a common tramp, but in a normal fashion, I see nothing wrong with it. Or with wearing contact lenses, instead of glasses, simply because you don’t like how you look in glasses. We always must remember that we are saved by grace and that we shouldn’t get caught up in legalism. We see this same subject taught by Paul in much of his writings, especially Ephesians.
      As to this woman and her story, and her nudity, her weight is an issue that many of us can relate to. I carry an extra 20 pounds, that I wish I had the discipline to get off. I don’t blame anyone but myself. I weigh within 5 pounds of what I did in high school, but I am now 2 inches shorter. However, the posing nude, and using the excuse that it is empowering, is a crock. The term for people like her is exhibitionist. That term was not a good thing when I was growing up, but now it seems like many non Christians use it as a badge of honor. I know that when God says woe unto someone, they should tremble.
      Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

      • OMG…pigpen….thanks so much for taking me seriously ( my pierced ears) for something that I’ve been worried about for many years……and for the gentle and Biblical/historic explanation! Bless YOU! As for the weight thing—–OY—pretty much NONE of us are at our “perfect weight” in these last 2 decades or so………I just don’t like when people lie about it. Let’s be real and truthful. A lie doesn’t EVER do anyone any good, even if it was meant to be a “comfort” at the start…… always ends up badly.

    • Calgirl, I agree, she looks like she can barely fit through a door opening.
      I think she is lying about her weight just like she is lying about “empowerment”.

  23. the FATtoos don’t help. too bad about her low self esteem. probably molested as a child.

  24. Pleez, pleez … My eyes!

  25. Tess is probably only 260 , if she only puts one leg on the scale . As far as the other pic , if anybody ever told her to haul ass , it would take 5 trips .

  26. The cynical lie that ”fat is fabulous” and why plus size bloggers should never be considered role models for young women


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