Major newspaper calls Obama an emperor with no clothes

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The New York Post is an American daily newspaper, primarily distributed in New York City and its surrounding area.
Founded on November 16, 1801 (under the name New York Evening Post) by none other than Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s Founding Fathers, the New York Post describes itself as the nation’s oldest continuously published daily newspaper.
Today, the Post is the 7th most widely circulated newspaper in the United States. Its editorial offices are located at 1211 Avenue of the Americas, in New York City, New York.
This was the front page of the New York Post on November 5, 2014, the day after the Nov. 4 midterm elections.
NYP front page
I think you’ll agree with me that a major U.S. newspaper — the 7th most widely-circulated daily paper in America — mocking a sitting President of the United States as an emperor with no clothes is most significant.
H/t FOTM’s Maziel

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0 responses to “Major newspaper calls Obama an emperor with no clothes

  1. That is pretty spectacular! I’ll bet he’s breakin up the furniture over that one.

  2. That outfit might look really good on ManChelle, I would make her shoulders and hips look more proportionate.

  3. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses.

  4. It’s funny because his ego is the complete opposite of the pic. I bet obama sees himself more like He-Man than some wimp holding a barrel. But the reality is….he is a wimp holding a barrel! The only thing obama has to clothe him is his ego. Awesome pic.

  5. The New York Daily News has been involved in a trade war with the New York Post for a long number of years now, and their headlines show it. Always good for a laugh, at least the Post keeps trying to nudge its readers towards the truth of the matter at hand.
    In all seriousness, both papers must have a teenager behind the wheel of their front page department, for that’s the mentality that comes across. At the same time, it is apparent to me that Obama has the character and personality of the Emperor Nero: He pursues a scorched earth policy at all costs, and his attitude is adolescent and flippant about it, too. He has NO QUALMS about destroying the United States—its culture, its society, its institutions, Yea, Verily, the Sovereignty of America itself.
    This is what he was selected to accomplish, and this is the one thing his heart and mind are focused on. His allegiance is not to America, and he has the mentality of the Emperor Nero. And he’s not the first President to fit this mold. At least the Post sort of gets this.

  6. Great article, Dr. Eowyn! All it will take is a couple of blunders for Mr. Obama’s house of cards to come tumbling down.

  7. Beware the ides of march the people will be your brutte


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