Maggot Infested Socialists Disrespect Veterans Memorial

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The couple that made this video showed a lot more restraint than I would’ve. These little maggot infested socialist cretins would have crapped their pants when I and about 20 other vets proceeded to loudly dismantle their little propaganda stand and dump it in the nearest dumpster along with some gasoline and a match

Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Maggot Infested Socialists Disrespect Veterans Memorial

  1. Are we talking mental age or physical age? I suspect there would be a huge gap between the two.

  2. oh, this makes my blood boil. I wouldn’t have their patience either….I woulda been ripping down that stuff and shoving it down this pansy’s throat! Well, not literally…, maybe 🙂

  3. oh goodie, brainwashed , indcoctrinated, future Anarchists of America!!!!
    I would like to jack slap every one of them. They know exactly what they are doing, and don’t give a damn. Too many youth are not being taught respect anything. They don’t even respect their own parents.


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