MAGA: President Trump raises $24.8M for re-election in less than 24 hours

From Yahoo: President Trump held a rally in Orlando on Tuesday night billed as the kickoff to his reelection campaign. And according to the Republican National Committee, he received nearly $25 million in contributions in less than a day.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel announced Wednesday that Trump raised a “record breaking $24.8M in less than 24 hours for his re-election.”

“The enthusiasm across the country for this President is unmatched and unlike anything we’ve ever seen!” she tweeted.

RNC chief of staff Richard Walters told Yahoo News that the total is a combination of the amount raised by the Trump campaign and Trump Victory, the joint fundraising arm for the campaign and the RNC.

The RNC took in $10.8 million from major donors at two fundraising events, while the Trump campaign raised $8 million through a phone drive and about $6 million in online donations. (The average online donation was $44, Walters said.)

Trump’s one-day haul is nearly four times the amount former Vice President Joe Biden raised in the first 24 hours after announcing his 2020 presidential campaign.

Biden took in $6.3 million, the largest first-day total for any of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates. According to Biden’s campaign, the money was raised from nearly 97,000 individual donors across all 50 states.

The former vice president’s campaign raised slightly more in its first 24 hours than former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke ($6.1 million) and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders ($5.9 million).

Biden, though, has faced criticism among Democratic rivals for his embrace of high-rolling donors and top-dollar fundraisers.

“I don’t spend time at fancy fundraisers,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted earlier this week. “Instead, I spend my time meeting voters and thanking grassroots donors who chip in what they can.”

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Dr. Eowyn

They have Rothschild on speed dial.


But… Joe Biden bought a round for everyone at the gay bar! Surely he deserves MY vote!
(Hope you realize I’m being sarcastic! But you just know that’s what some jerks will think!)


Heaven sent! He Made America Great Again in 2016, and he will Keep America Great in 2020, and moving forward.


Remember McFadden and Whitehead “Ain’t no stopping us now” ?????

Emily Summer
Emily Summer

After 2 years in office, other presidents start to look haggard and aged. Trump looks better now then when he took office. His voice is stronger, his hair looks great and no worry lines. He thrives on adversity from the insane Democrats. MAGA

Steven Broiles

This just proves that the populist movement is bigger than Trump, bigger than just one man. Obviously, there is a segment of the population, the Democrats, which will never be red-pilled. But enough people are awake and MAD AS HELL that they gave this much money in 24 hours! I am confident Trump will win reelection. But as I’ve said about a month or two ago, if he does not do something substantive and direct to stop the internet censorship soon, I will not vote for him again. The time to have stopped this evil was a year ago. The… Read more »