MAGA hate crime: Black student assaults white for MAGA hat

Edmond Santa Fe High School is a public school with approximately 2,100 students in Edmond, Oklahoma.

The Edmond Sun reports that last Monday, Feb. 25, 2019, during a school fundraiser, Double Wolf Dare Week, an “altercation” between two Edmond Santa Fe students resulted in a ticket of summons being issued to one of the male students, Kenneth Dewayne Jones, 18.

A video of incident was sent to The Edmond Sun, which shows an older black male and a white underage male involved in the altercation. The underage student was wearing a red MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat and a Trump banner as a cape.

The black student can be heard name-calling the white student: “Take it off or I’ll rip it off … do you want me to rip it off?”

The white student attempts to sidestep the confrontation, but is blocked by the older black. The words of the younger student are not clear in the video.

The older male then knocks the hat off the younger male. Another student tries to intervene in a nonviolent manner.

A school resource officer issued a ticket to Kenneth Dewayne Jones, who is named on the municipal court summons on an offense of assault and battery. He has not been formally charged.

A mediation process is the next step facing the students.

Edmond Police spokeswoman Jenny Wagnon said: “How the summons works is that the student who is an adult, who was given the municipal summons, and the parents of the other student in the hat — those parents will have to contact the city attorney’s office within five days. And then both parties will meet with the city attorney and try to work something out. If not, then it’s up to the city attorney to file the assault charges against the student who is an adult.”

The Edmond Public Schools district refused to release the name of the adult student. School spokeswoman Susan Parks Schlepp said:

“In the video, a student is seen confronting a classmate who is wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat and carrying a ‘Trump’ flag. The student then proceeds to grab the flag and knock the hat off of his classmate’s head. Given that hats were allowed at school yesterday as part of the week-long fundraising events, there was no specific dress code violation. The student’s choice to grab a classmate’s property and knock his hat off did, however, violate the school’s discipline policy. In response, Edmond Santa Fe High School administrators, working simultaneously with Edmond Police, addressed the incident with swift and immediate disciplinary action. The school district honors students’ First Amendment rights, but must at the same time be vigilant in teaching and supporting students as they learn how best to respectfully express their opinions.”

A police report was not available Tuesday morning, but police continue investigating the incident.

H/t Clash Daily

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19 responses to “MAGA hate crime: Black student assaults white for MAGA hat

  1. John J. Molloy

    Adult student in high school. Time for expulsion and jail time. These attacks impinge on ones First Amendment rights and should be punished accordingly, not to mention that the 2nd Amendment enables us to defend our 1st Amendment rights. Minority members who attack those wearing MAGA hats use racism as a reason for the attack. If such attacks continue perhaps the time will come to justify the charge.

  2. The adult student is only doing what Mad Max told him to. The student should go to jail for A&B, and MM should be tried as an accessory.

  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Doubt the black man even knows what “MAGA” stands for. If he does, one can only wonder, what’s his problem with it.

  4. And where is the School Resource Officer?

  5. If I were the parent(s) of the underage male student, I would not imagine that there is anything that could be said or done in mediation that would solve the problem to my satisfaction. Why indeed, is an adult male going to school with other underage students? This is ridiculous. If he has not earned enough credits to graduate–then he should be going to night school, or enrolled in GED classes at the Community College.

    Just look at the disparity of these two males, you have what is obviously an underage, not fully grown male, as opposed to a much larger, well muscled, taller adult male. The only problem is the adult male obviously does not have a fully developed brain.

    There is no reason for this School District to endanger other younger students by having adults enrolled in school along side with them. I would hope that all parents would rise up and call this what it is — unjust! Send this animal to the State Pen, and let him rumble with other males of his size and mental maturity.

  6. It’s all about hate! That negro student had no right in bullying the white student for wearing a MAGA hat. We are free to wear as we please, just like the student girls wear short-shorts and low cut blouses and they are not sent home to change into acceptable clothing or the boys wearing ripped jeans.

  7. That’s all they do, push division and hatred. We shouldn’t be surprised when someone acts on it. It is all conditioning and most seem to be very susceptible to it.

    Intolerance of any kind should not be tolerated. A person can think what they like. This is all deliberate. There is a reason why they want everyone thinking of themselves as black, Hispanic, Asian, whatever. That is the exact opposite of what a person who wanted a peaceful society would do.

    • Yes to all you state regarding division and hate.

      Here in my small town on OK there are many minorities and that includes myself at times, depending upon the group of folk. I don’t see the racial hatred but that’s probably because I’m not an easily influenced teen, young adult nor in jail (where you must pledge to your race and fight all others).

      This purposeful divide is driven by Dems and media. Divide and conquer. Most rational people (that excludes unhinged Dems) can learn to peacefully coexist with differences. But we all know the Dems want to rule, not giving an inch or any compromise. Makes me furious…

      • I agree. I’ve mentioned before that in the eighth grade I moved to an “inner city” school. This is what it was like every day. They all formed into groups and harassed anyone they found alone. Primarily they were after the White kids, but Asians would do.

        We had Hispanic kids that were seventeen (or older) there. They made rude, sexual provocative comments to the teachers and generally wouldn’t let anyone learn anything.

  8. That will be the fucking day…. I would kick that asshole in the nuts and say he tripped….

    • Too bad the white kid didn’t know Karate; he could have beaten the CRAP out of his assailant!

      We have to start fighting fire WITH fire, folks; we have to give these leftie bastards a taste of their own medicine because it’s ALL they understand. If that kid had been able to do a high kick to the head and broken the bastard’s jaw or something, he’d think TWICE about assaulting someone next time!

      When I attended the Walkaway march in DC back in September, I brought my cane (from when I had knee surgery years ago) with me. I didn’t bring it because I needed it; no, I brought it to have a weapon with me in case Antifa came out to play. I was so hoping to put a hurtin’ on one of thos bastards! Since DC is a lefty paradise, I thought for sure they’d be there. Alas, Antifa was nowhere to be found; didn’t see hide nor hair of them. That, and the DC Metro PD did a good job of keeping the peace and keeping things moving.

      Finally, as a practical matter, these lefties won’t be prosecuted-especially in leftist enclaves. Look at Professor Bike Lock in CA; he got probation, for cryin’ out loud! Even though he seriously injured some people and could have killed with the bike lock in a sock, he didn’t get anywhere NEAR the punishment he deserved! The moral of the story is that we cannot rely on the ‘criminal justice’ system to help us. The only way we’ll get justice against these cretins is if WE ADMINISTER IT OURSELVES.

      • I have “loaded” more than 1 cane with a little surprise… On a wooden cane you drill the end and pour some lead in it. Depending on the diameter of the cane a 5/16″ or 3/8″ hole is good… 8mm or 10mm for our metric friends… Put it 2 or 3 inches deep…. If you can’t pour it put a piece of threaded rod in for weight…. Then you put either a copper coupling or 3/4 pipe thread coupling over the end and pin it in place… With a little practice you can do a wrist flip and the end of the cane will be going about 900mph when it makes contact… Also on the crook end of the cane cut a 45 degree angle making a pointy hook.. You pull someone with that and they will take notice…

        • What if one has a metal kane? Mine’s metal. Making the hook part like you said would be easy; with a metal cane, that part could be made more lethal than a wooden one. I was more curious about the bottom part.

  9. Richard C Youghn

    MAGA. Make Alexandria Go Away!

  10. Jackie Puppet

    This is too easy…

    Of course the black guy is 18-years old, probably a freshman or sophomore. 💩

    3rd grade was the toughest 3 years of his life! 😆

  11. Democratic politicians have ruined the American Education system under the rally cry of “fairness”; too many failing students? Lower the bar. Now they want to drop an F down to 39% “right” on a test!

    Take a look at this 1895 test to pass the Eight Grade and then THANK A POLITICIAN for our current state of education!

  12. d-suckers threatening grievous bodily harm or death may not like the legal self-defense measures which will be employed against their racist a**.

  13. On top of the age differences (adult vs. minor), it’s a racially motivated assault, a hate crime. The nigger called the white boy nigger. Send the predator to jail with hardened criminals, then he could show how tough he really is.


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