Made-in-China home appliances contain spy chips

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Yet another reason not to buy Made-in-China crap.
~Dr. Eowyn

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0 responses to “Made-in-China home appliances contain spy chips

  1. I would rather buy from Mexico any day of the week!
    BTW, we probably have a dozen appliances made in China! Not to mention this (over-rated) MacBook Pro!
    What a connection this makes to a couple of the recent shooting incidents in Washington DC. A couple of the nuts each thought Obama was trying to control their minds, even though home appliances! Of course it sounds ridiculous! Or, it would have seemed stupid, except for all the stories like this.

  2. Figures…

  3. It has been said that all new appliances might have these spy bugs in them. I’ve been thinking about buying a bug detector that I’d seen. It will detect spy bugs and listening devices. Maybe we will have to wear scramblers around our necks to be able to talk.

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    Could we hate China anymore than we already do….

  5. the last thing I heard from David Petraues, before his big scandal, was an article he wrote telling us any appliance in the house,digital has or will have spy capability.

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