Mad magazine turns against Obama

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Mad, the 61-year-old humor magazine, takes on President Lucifer’s massive NSA surveillance of Americans — while Congress and the Supreme Court do nothing.

MAD-Magazine-523-Spy-Obama-CoverIssue #523, August 27, 2013.

H/t FOTM’s Wild Bill Alaska


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0 responses to “Mad magazine turns against Obama

  1. Well, that’s it, he’s done, and not a minute too soon!

  2. I have always admired Mad Magazine for its humor and sarcasm, which is peculiar to New York. They tell the truth about what’s going on, and I like the way they transitioned over to a new generation of writers and artists. (All their old crew has retired or died). Mad Magazine truly is a LONG-LIVED satirical pulp that has passed the test of TIME! And remember, Folks, Mad is milder, much milder!

  3. Fantastic, Love it! Didn’t know Mad was 61, must have been “born” in the early 1950’s. The brother one year younger than me was a Mad Mag addict as a young teen in the 60’s, & is how I was exposed to Mad’s Spy vs. Spy & other hilarities. It used to crack me up. I’m going to zap a copy of this to little bro! 😀

  4. GEEZ LOUISE! Where where they 6 years ago???? Where were they with his 100-days of Senate experience? Where were they with his Black Militant Church association? Where were they with his questionable citizenship status? (Did he get “foreign student aide at Occidental????You bat your ass he did…or it wouldn’t be “sealed info” today……Did he travel on a foreign citzen—Indonesia—passport to Afghanistan as a college student? You bet your ass he did…or it would NOT be sealed info today……..) Where were they on his skimpy academic background…where were they on his Middle Eastern connections…who paid for his Harvard Law degree?????? WHAT in the freak did he ever write as a “Harvard Law editor????””””” or, for that matter…as a Harvard Law student?”………IS THIS epidode with MAD “better late than never…..OR Just LATE??????” Personally, I think they are JUST LATE! No Accolades Earned., A day late, and a dollar short. Period.

  5. Mass media is part and parcel of the leftist (“liberal/socialist/progressive/moderate”) agenda, thus incapable of on-point criticism or even halfway honest journalism, when it comes to politicians of their own ilk. Kennedy and Obama (and Israeli citizen Rahm Immanuel) all popped out of the Chicago Machine, pre-cooked and packaged for sale to a gullible American public. When was the last time you heard of a Democratic vote fraud scandal? Both Richard Daly and Mario Cuomo built identical votescam conspiracies, with skid-row bums daisy-chain voting and dead people still exercising their suffrage, voters registered in graveyards and warehouses. If a Republican says something privately it is immediately broadcast, out of context. as part of a larger character assassination scheme.


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