0 responses to “Lynnwood, WA Just Blew $80,000 on a Stupid Sign

  1. Saw this today….man, what a waste of money! But then again, that’s what Lynnwood does best.
    I stay away from Lynnwood anyway because of their stupid red light cameras all over the place.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Yup! It’s one big speed trap and the intersection of 44th & 196th holds the title for the most congested, longest traffic lights in the state.

  3. Damn, they could’ve gotten a better logo if they bought me (and my mad PowerPoint skills) a case of beer.

    • I, too, can do a way better job on a sign — and without Photoshop! Heck, I’ll charge Lynnwood a cut-rate: just half of $80,000.
      Imagine what our BKeyser can do….

  4. LTG-this City Council Pres. Mark Smith says its “a strategic investment in the future of the city” Wow! Mark,you are so smart! lets blow through money like it was water,hek you have so much of it. I think I would be checking Mark’s deep pockets. Maybe,even the rest of the city council. This is ridiculous. Sounds like Calif. politics.

  5. I agree with DCG, We live in Bothell, but we almost never go to Lynnwood. We hate those stupid camera, they are just a ploy to generate money for the city. Money the city loses because no one goes there to shop, because of the camera. Woodinville, Bellevue and Redmond can provide us with the same foods and merchandise as Lynnwood, and we are willing to drive further to avoid the cameras.


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