Lunatic Brits decide not to have children due to fear of climate change: “There’s no other fix in this world of conservation”

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I’m glad this womyn will not breed. We have enough stoopid fear-mongers in the world…

From the YouTube video description:

“A group of 60 women and men have come together to declare they will not have children due to the growing threat of climate change and ecological collapse. Going by the name ‘BirthStrike’, the group feels so affected by the ecological catastrophe, and so disappointed by the reaction of world leaders, that they feel too concerned to pass this burden onto a child.

Our series of interviews starts with Alice Brown, 24, who discusses her decision not to have children due to the threat climate breakdown.

If you have made a similar decision and would like to join BirthStrike or be interviewed, please contact us at:

For media enquiries:

The woman in this video, Alice Brown, states, “I’m not on a career path anymore. There’s no career for me. I actually don’t see a future sometimes. I don’t feel there’s any point in doing anything until we’re in a consensus together to make this a healthier and safer world for everything.”

Shame on progressives for terrifying young people into believing they have no future. Shame on public indoctrination bureaucrats for terrifying their students into believing they have no future worth living for.

What happened to “the children are our future?”

The climate change zealots/socialists/communists are hell-bent on destroying our future. Don’t give them an inch…

Give them hope:

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18 responses to “Lunatic Brits decide not to have children due to fear of climate change: “There’s no other fix in this world of conservation”

  1. Designed to lower White birth rates. On the environmental angle, human population growth is the #1 factor for environmental degradation, increased pollution, increased globull warming causing ghg’s, and loss of open spaces/wildlife habitat, wildlife declines. Human population growth is driven exclusively by Immigration, thus so called “environmental groups” are frauds and have been hijacked because they are not speaking out against the #1 factor, immigration.

  2. Polygamous Muslims will make up the difference.

  3. The older ones among us will recall we had a similar problem during the 50s & 60s, when young people said they were afraid to bring children into a world that could have a nuclear war. Somehow we managed to survive that and even expand our numbers!

  4. How come UK Muslims aren’t persuaded by “climate change” to not have children?

    • Jackie Puppet

      They also don’t believe the phony “settled” science.

      • Media messaging is artfully designed to hit one ethnic group hard but miss another entirely. This would be a tactic of any multi-racial empire, but especially one controlled by a minority. While it was just us and the Jews they had a coupla centuries to get really good at this before they opened the floodgates.

  5. Sounds like another excuse to not have to be an adult and be responsible for someone by these people that believe it is all about them.
    We have had different warnings though out the decades and none came true.
    As recently as the 70’s the left was warning of us global cooling.
    They are confusing weather with a warning.
    Thank goodness all these leftist scare monger have declared not to have children.
    Not a one of them have actually shown us what damage global warming has done. They sure bought into the Gore BS. They all want to be relevant so badly, they are willing to sell their souls for lies.

    • The younger ones are going to be completely shocked when they see the next “mini ice age” coming on, which will probably last for 100 years if it’s like the previous mini ice ages.

      According to the sources I go by, this next ice age should be well underway by 2030.

    • No, they have been lied to by trusted sources such as schools, media and government and believe that in their numbers they are a blight on the planet and therefore tend toward the responsible response and to reducing their numbers.

      It is no good blaming humans for being humans when humans by nature and design look to seniors for guidance and information. Blame the liars in gummint and academe corrupted by Jews, if you can’t just blame the Jews.

      And as it happens, nature does tend to win through. Most Westerners despite all the propaganda, do end up marrying and bringing children into the world, with other Westerners.

  6. Steven Broiles

    Brown is a progressive and she sees a real problem, all right. But she uses the progressive agenda as the approach to solve the problem. Hence she paints herself in a corner.

    And I think she’s nuts, too: Every woman in her right mind wants a child. Even the lesbians usually do! At least, this is the way things used to be.

    Well, this is my problem: England can sink just like the Titanic. Problem is, whatever they do over there comes over here. Their MENTAL IMPERIALISM knows no bounds!

  7. It’s a classic example of Liberal “Double-Think” which is holding 2 mutually conflicting ideologies in their mentally ill brains at the same time, and not realizing it.

  8. I remember being told by school teachers in the 1960s that if we kept having families with more than 2 children we would overpopulate the earth in about 30 years.

    • chemtrailssuck

      Remember the chicken littles of the world squawking about “peak oil” in the 70’s? That never happened. And Al Gore said that the polar icecaps were supposed to have melted years ago (I think in 2004 he said in Germany or someplace in Europe this, maybe 2004?).
      One thing you NEVER hear about any more is acid rain.
      My theory is that they do NOT want people to start to analyze rain water because of all the metals and other particles they’ll find in it.

  9. “What happened to “the children are our future?””

    They will be Muslim, Mexican, and African children since the parents of said children don’t give a rats behind about the environment or ” climate change”.

    • The Earth turned into a ball of ice once and thawed without any help from any of us humans. It may happen again, it may not, either way we won’t be able to do anything about it.

      This is a phony religion, not “science”. They can’t even scientifically tell you that its changing significantly or how that deviates from the norm, yet alone that something like that would be “human caused”. Then, they want us to believe that if we send Al Gore enough money he and his friends will fix it?

      It would be a lot smarter for these clowns to just send me all their money and commit suicide before it’s too late. I’ll spend it on cow butt plugs, I promise.

      • “It would be a lot smarter for these clowns to just send me all their money and commit suicide before it’s too late.”

        True enough. Climate Hoax is nothing but false flag to institute Agenda 21.

        As far as the brown people of the Earth not caring…. I didn’t mean they should care about the phony climate change, however our poor planet is laboring under hideous chemical pollution and it seems these people do not have a feel for these things at all. In fact East Indian Frank Raymond, asserts all they care about is getting all they can- everything is about day to day animal concerns, certainly not the planet, anything loftier like animal welfare, or concerns of a broader nature that require abstract projection into the future. China is a good example, so is India, of how much these people care about the environment. They could have easily instituted protections for the environment while advancing industrially. OF course the Bankers and globalists like Gore could have insisted that they implement environmental protections when they handed them all our industrial technology too. That is the proof it’s all a fraud.

  10. chemtrailssuck

    Well, at least this will weed out a few of the morons who believe the lie called “climate change” anyway. And, most of them are probably stupid socialists, so I see it as a win-win situation. 🙂


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