Lucky Us

Beloved fellow Tom in NC sends us this beautiful love song to our troops, “Lucky Me,” composed and sung by Helene Cronin:

This is what Ms. Cronin wrote:

This song is a true story, based on a conversation I had with a soldier in the Nashville airport. Two years later, I wrote the song. People have responded to my simple demo of it so enthusiastically that my sister made a video for me and we decided to post to YouTube. Help me thank our service men and women, and their families, for all that they do and all that they endure for the sake of freedom. Most of us will NEVER fully understand what it takes to serve our country. (Copyright 2008, Helene K. Cronin)

Yes, indeed.
Freedom comes with a heavy price.
Lucky me. Lucky you.
Lucky us, warm at home.
While others go to the battle zone.
They are the brave, and we are free.
Thank you, Helene, for this beautiful song!

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Amen. Bless you Tom in NC for sending and Eowyn for posting. And thank you to our military men and women and their families.

Fern T
Fern T

Thanks SO much for sharing that.