LtCol Lakin Will Be Freed In 17 Days!

Dr. Terrence Lakin

US Army surgeon Lt. Col. Terry Lakin will be released from military prison on May 14th!
Last December, Bronze Star-recipient Lakin was convicted, sentenced, and dismissed from the military for daring to challenge his deployment orders on the grounds of Obama’s unproven constitutional eligibility for the presidency, and thus dubious authority as commander-in-chief.
The good doctor was court martialed but denied the right of discovery. Military judge Denise Lind refused to grant the defense discovery documents comprised of Obama’s birth certificate and school records — not even his kindergarten records — because, as she put it, those documents might be “an embarrassment” to Obama. In so doing, Lind effectively stripped Lakin’s attorneys from mounting a defense. All of which makes the trial a travesty of justice and Lakin a political prisoner of the Obama administration.
As reported by Drew Zahn of WorldNetDaily, April 25, 2011:

“Friends of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin are hoping a few hundred people will show up to greet the jailed military doctor when he’s released from prison and returns to Baltimore, Md., on May 14.

Dr. Terry Lakin, an Army doctor who refused to deploy again to Afghanistan when his chain of command refused to verify that Obama legitimately is president, has been serving a six-month term at Ft. Leavenworth in Kansas.

His military court request for clemency in his case remains pending, as do any appeals that would be pursued. He’s not ordinarily able to speak to the media. That prohibition will remain in question for some time even after his expected release, supporters explain, depending on the status of his clemency request and any appeals.

Retired Cmdr. Charles Kerchner, who took his own challenge to Obama’s tenure in the Oval Office all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, has said Lakin’s conviction and jailing signaled the end of the “rule of law” in the United States.

Lakin was prevented by the military judge from seeking evidence that could support him, was told he could not talk about his dilemma, could not bring in the witnesses he wanted and could not introduce evidence that he wanted. The military panel then convicted him.”

Read the rest of Zahn’s WND article HERE.
Lakin’s supporters are organizing a “welcome home” party to greet him at the Baltimore Washington airport. Go here for details.
H/t beloved fellow Tina.

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Patriot Angel
Patriot Angel

Justice WILL prevail. The Lord will SEE to it! This made me so happy I cried.
I want to still call him by his rank but I don’t want to make anything go bad for him so I’ll just say…Mr Lakin sir, you are a HERO in the eyes of your fellow Patriots! God Bless you and may He continue to give you the courage and the strength needed to see this to the end standing up for the Constitution of our beloved country!


Judges such as Denis Lind are part of the destruction of our Military. Citizens only wish to see proof-of-live-birth. The conspiricy to cover up such proof, for the first time in history, is mind boggling to say the least. The loss of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin as decorated Soldier over such an elementry reason, will forever leave a memorable scar on our Military Justice System. Hell! speaking of a scar… during Vietnam War, thousands of draft dodgers went to Canada to express their points, or cowardice, and Jimmy Carter, worst President in history, invited them back to US with amnisty.… Read more »


Great news…hope there’s a big crowd to welcome him!


Glad to hear it.
This man should have never been sent to prison in the first place.
The damn idiot judge should have been.


The criminal served his time. Ironic though that it’s just after Obama released the long form, that’s got to be painful for the former officer.


the obots are thick today-must be rough having sh*t for brains-Steven.


Ehren Watada was a sad excuse for an officer and it’s too bad that he was not convicted. I hold both of these former army officers with the same amount of contempt.
I also recognize that there is a bias in the media. But I am not willing to celebrate the dishonorable actions of one individual for political reasons.