Loyal FOTM reader Steven Broiles needs your help

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Steven Broiles, a longtime Fellowship of the Minds reader, eloquent and always-thoughtful commenter, needs our help.

Steven is a former New York school teacher who has been making a living by driving a taxi/Uber. He is falsely accused of and was arrested for assaulting a drunken female passenger.

This is what he wrote on GoFundMe:

As an Uber and Lyft driver in New York City, I work hard to keep a roof over my head and pay for the car I’m driving.  Well, hard times are upon me:  A passenger in my car falsely accused me of assault, and on Fri., Oct. 5th, I was arrested on what they call a DAT—a desk appearance ticket.  The charge was “Assault level 3”—a misdemeanor.  This lady said I grabbed her by the arm and removed her from the car.  I never laid a finger on her;  She left the car of her own free will.  There was a witness in the car, and I am trying to locate her.  I was released on my own recognizance.  My court date is Nov. 7th.

I never laid one finger on this very intoxicated lady, and I am entitled to a date in court.  However, New York’s Taxi & Limousine Commission has suspended my license until the matter is resolved.  This happened Wed., Oct. 10th.  As a result, I am not able to drive and earn an income.  I spoke to a supervisor at the TLC, and they no longer take bonds for such cases.  In effect, I have been denied the presumption of innocence.  I have not been convicted of anything—and I know I didn’t do anything!  Yet I cannot drive!

This has really knocked the wind out of me, and now everything seems to be coming down:  Not only is the bank telling me they will repossess the car, but my landlord has told me he will move to evict!

I have worked very hard over the years and I have tried to build a life for myself.  I enjoy my work and have received hundreds of compliments over the years.  I look forward to working online from home, which will give me some lee-way so I won’t have to drive as much anymore.  That is a project that will have to wait.

In the meantime, if you would please donate what you can to my Go Fund Me campaign, I would be most grateful in getting back on my feet.  Thank You so much and God Bless You.

In the meantime, Steven is actively working on helping himself by:

  • Going to the TLC and his insurance broker.
  • Calling lawyers.
  • Signing up to deliver for Uber Eats.

We are told by Jesus Christ our Lord to love our neighbors, and to be good Samaritans to someone in need.

I believe Steven Broiles. He is in desperate need, now out of a job because of the arrest and false accusation. He has set up a GoFundMe page for donations, with a goal of $5,000.

Please be generous. Even a donation of $1 or $5 helps.

To donate, click here.

Thank you, and God bless you for your kindness.


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53 responses to “Loyal FOTM reader Steven Broiles needs your help

  1. This is really appalling, as anyone who’s followed Steven’s posts in past years knows this is a first-rate gentleman on all counts, whom I believe is constitutionally incapable of such an offense.

    We are at all times surrounded by a plague of very unhealthy, demented people who feel they are entitled out of a sense of false injury, craven cowards who make mountains from mole hills. I will send Steven a note of support today.

    • Yeah it is appalling, I make it a point to read all of his commentaries on here, and often check his F.B. page. He’s obviously under deliberate attack.

      • Carl, I tried to give you a thumbs up on the icon, but it wouldn’t take. But I DO give you a thumbs-up, and thank you.

        As I just said to Joseph, in my other response, I am in FB JAIL! Until Nov. 6th, I believe. (It’s my 4th stint this year!) Apparently, I “made hurtful comments” about, let us say, a member of an “alternate community.” Yep. REALLY ALTERNATE. As in BIZARRE. (So be careful—FB is on the rampage!)
        So I can’t ask FB friends for help. If you could just post on your page, really quickly—nice and short—I’d be most grateful.
        Thank You again.

        GO TRUMP!

        • leeann Springer

          Steven: I just contributed. I was waiting for my updated credit card to arrive. I’m sorry that you’re a victim of a lying tongue. People who do this to others should be punished. Keep the faith. God Bless You. Leeann

    • Thank You, Joseph and Carl. I will be writing a post sometime in the coming week for Dr. E. to post (pending her permission, of course.)

      Basically, the quick version is this:
      1. May 17th—picked up two ladies in separate calls in my car on an Uber Pool call,
      2. Same date—second lady was obviously drunk, and verbally abusive from the get-go. She demanded I open the window. Then she demanded I let her out of the car. (By this time I had driven about 50 feet). She attempted to force the automatic door open and banged her elbow. I had to close the door to reopen it, and I told her before I did that. Once out of the car, she continued her verbal abuse. The first lady, still in the car, took my side of the matter.
      3. May 19th—after several attempts, I informed Uber of the incident on their partner support line. They, in turn, put me off the platform to investigate the incident. They called both passengers first and me last—after being off the platform from May 19th to May 21. About half an hour after they spoke to me, they let me back on the platform. I assumed that was the end of the matter.
      4. Late July, 2018—I get a strange voice mail from some “Personal Injury Law Group.” The voice mail said “we have a great deal to offer you,” or in words to that effect. I call back, am placed on hold for ten minutes, I hang up, and I thought that was the end of it.
      5. August 1st—Get a text from a detective in NYPD’s 6th Precinct, showing his business card. On Sun., Aug. 5th, I go to the precinct and introduced myself to this detective, who was personable. I asked what this was about, and he said “someone came in here and said you had words with them on the street.” I asked him to be specific, and he said he could not do that. He said to call him “at the end of the month.”
      6. Sept., 2018—Calls from this detective continue. On Wed., Oct. 3rd, he texts me to call him on Thu., Oct. 4th. I texted back that I would. Then I called him. On Thu., concerned about his lack of specifics, I spoke with a neighbor of mine, a retired NYPD detective, about it. He volunteers to call him. I approved and listened to the call. I am informed I will be arrested. I remain as cool as a cucumber.
      7. Fri., Oct. 5th, 2018—I go to the 6th Precinct, about 90 mins. late and I am greeted by the detective. He took me upstairs and took my ID, wallet, cigarettes and lighter and windbreaker. He took me into the interrogation room and told me what was happening and told me I was under arrest for a misdemeanor: P.L. 120.00—Assault (class) 3. I was fingerprinted and photographed and let go on my own recognizance.
      8. At this point, I resolved to tell the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission of my arrest by Oct. 15, within the 10-day limit. I drove as many hours as I could every day. From Mon. afternoon I was awake for 36 hours, driving, straightening out papers, making calls and taking care of business.

      9. Wed., Oct. 10th—I wake up and have my coffee, take my shower and get ready to drive. I checked my Uber app. “There is a problem with your account.” Oh Shit. I checked my Lyft app. “Your account has been deactivated.” Uh-Huh. Ditto my Juno app.
      Yep. Someone got to the TLC QUICK!

      Needless to say, I felt not so much violated but weired. Wow that hit hard—even though I knew it was coming. So I got on the phone, told those I people who had to know, etc., etc.
      I also signed up for Uber Eats, Door Dash, GitHub and PostMates, food delivery platforms I should be able to do on foot. I’ve been approved for all but UberEats, so far.
      I spoke to my lawyer whom I’ve known for ten to twelve years, a real Class Act, and he agreed to represent me for a really good price. I spoke with my (nasty) landlord, and he sneered, but said I’d better come up with the rent.

      So as I’ve said, I’ve really had the wind knocked out of me, but I have been PROACTIVE in this matter, because my survival is not for sale, and I am not taking this laying down quietly.

      I write this on Sat., Oct. 13th. I am taking today and tonight off out of SHEER EXHAUSTION.

      I thank EVERYONE who has helped me out so far. I can’t tell you what everyone has done for me, and I will not goof off. So it’s taking care of business until my court date on Wed., Nov. 7th, where my attorney and I are confident that this can be resolved in my favor.

      Carl, Thank YOU for being my FB friend. I’ve learned things from you I haven’t heard elsewhere. Right now, I am in FB JAIL until Nov. 6th—a 30-day deal! (I made fun of a member of, let us say, an “alternate community,” Hardy Har Har.) So if you could just post on your own page about my situation, I would be most grateful.

      In the meantime, I would like to thank everyone here at FOTM and I will “fight on the beaches, I will fight in the streets, but I shall NEVER, EVER surrender!!!”
      Thanks again, everyone.

  2. Steven I am so sorry about this. I believe you are innocent of these charges, and have donated though for some reason it is not showing yet. I will go back in a few to see if it has posted yet.
    I’ve been through this one before myself with a loved one and in our case it was not expected, but out of the blue so I do know how shattering these false accusations can be. Prayers for you. Has your court date been set?

    • Thank You, Lana. Yes. The detective gave me a Desk Appearance Ticket. I was (falsely) charged with a violation against P.L. (Penal Law) 120.00, Assault (class) 3. The drunk lady said I got out of my car, went around to her door and grabbed her by the arm and removed her from my vehicle. (At least, that is what the detective said—I have not been allowed to read or even see the actual report). It is a misdemeanor, and if this lady does not show up in court my attorney may move for an ACD—a “contemplation of dismissal” order which basically says that if I stay out of trouble for six months, the matter gets dropped. Will keep everyone abreast of what’s happening.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about this. Our justice system has turned into the injustice agenda by people with no conscience and no shame. Women have learned that all they have to do is say a man touched them, and he has to pay for it.

    I’m praying for Stephen and gladly donated to help him out.

    Thanks for letting us know about this, Dr. Eowyn!

    • Thank You, Mary. Yep. Thanks to feminism, it’s been open season on men for almost my entire life. And thanks to Diane Feinstein and the so-called “Dr.” Christine Blasey Ford, an accusation is all that counts, so it seems….

      DAMN THEM ALL!!!

      Thanks again. But Hey: 33 years of driving, and this is the first complaint!

  4. I wish you the best Steven. Can you speak to a local legal aid group or a law school student clinic for free or reduced rate services? Many law schools take cases to teach students in the legal clinic and the services are usually very good run by their professor. Or perhaps the public defender? Once you have court you request all discovery to receive the police report and factual allegations against you. If I were in NY I would represent you. I bet and pray she will not show up in court…with God’s guidance, intervention and light. I pray for that to happen too. Chin up and remember this too shall pass. God specializes in flipping bad into good. All the best to you! Please keep us posted.

    • Thanks, Alexa. I am of the sneaking suspicion this may be an insurance scam of some sort. So I covered my rear-end and went to my insurance company and gave them a sworn affadavit.
      I am lucky enough that my traffic ticket attorney, whom I have known for 10 to 12 years, agreed to represent me at a bargain-basement price. He and I are confident this dizzy chick won’t even show. But if she does, we BOTH will be waiting!

  5. I sure hope Steven reads this because this is a scam and more likely than not, the police, courts and prosecuting attorney are in on it with the accuser.
    Here’s what you wrote that tipped me off – Quote: I phoned the NYPD, and they told me I will be allowed to discover the name and identity of my accuser at trial.

    1. Big Flag – Denial of Due Process!
    You are entitled to Discovery.

    Jurisdiction is the BIG KICKER in this matter. If it’s NYC (which is a City State like UN, Vatican, City of London, District of Columbia, CERN, the BIZ, etc.)
    I will just say this – the cockroaches are vile bottom to top and get 98% conviction from their years of success representing the Banks.
    Steve, you should have received WRITTEN NOTICE by process server, a summons with the accusers full info along with the charges, statutes, codes AND THE JURISDICTION — NYC or New York State.

    IMPORTANT – The first thing you need to know is WHAT JURISDICTION IS PROCESSING THE CLAIM? Was the alleged event reported in the courts jurisdiction?
    Are they attempting to skin you in the jurisdiction where you live?
    When you know the jurisdiction, you can look things up on line.

    Also, do not permit any money to be labeled “retainer”; you have the power to revise anything someone wants you to sign and you should NEVER SIGN. Smart thing to do is don’t pay until you see his/her work product. What date is the hearing scheduled for? Are you aware you can request a postponement? Do some research first because NYC criminal cockroaches are slick.

    • I find it odd too, that they wouldn’t give him the name of the accuser.

      • Me too. I realize that Steven needs to get back to work and anything he does will likely delay the matter, I wouldn’t go in there blind, with no knowledge of my accuser. I smell a rat.

      • If this is a misdemeanor, unless the cops saw it, she would have to charge him. In turn, the cops would HAVE to let him know who his accuser is and present him with the charging documents.

        If he knew that much, a private investigator or an attorney could look into who she is and if this is a habit.

    • Thank you, Zip. I thought this was or might be a scam once I received a phone call (voice mail message) from one “Personal Injury Law Group” back in late July. I didn’t connect all the dots at that time, but I still have the v.m.
      I don’t think the cops are in on this one, as anyone accused may NOT learn of his accuser’s identity UNTIL TRIAL. (Unless the accuser makes the accusation to the police in front of the accused, as happens often in street fights, for example).

      So, I’m on the case here, and I’m grateful the court date is only 25 days away as I write here. Shouldn’t be too long….

  6. This type of crap is disgusting and sickening.
    As bad as this is for Steven, I can’t help but think it would be even worse if he had refused the drunken bi*ch a ride.
    I hope the very best for Steven.

    • You Bet: Had I ordered this woman out of the cab, I would have been out of a job until I had to explain myself.
      But as I’ve said above, I am wondering if this really is a scam. Could be. Don’t know yet.

      Once I get everything back, I’m putting that CAMERA in….

  7. Sorry for your troubles, old man. What a world we live in. A crazy drunk can cause lots of trouble just because they can. I really don’t know how you can even avoid stuff like this.

    I have no idea what the rules of this hearing board are. I’m presuming that you can represent yourself, and if you are not satisfied with the verdict you can appeal?

    Keep us posted. I wish you the best.

    • Thanks, Lophatt.

      I have been accused of a violation of P.L. 120.00—Assault 3. That’s Penal Law # 120.00, for third-level assault. It is a misdemeanor and I have to report to a Court of Criminal Law overseen by New York State.

      On the bright side, my attorney believes he can sink this wack-job—assuming she shows up. I hope she does, and I hope she PERJURS herself. That would be nice!

      • Thanks for the information, Steven. I don’t want to sound argumentative or contrary, but misdemeanors MUST be seen by an officer themselves, or the complainant must swear them to be true. I’m having trouble with them not telling you her name as you are entitled to have that and a copy of whatever she filed.

        In legal terms (as I’m sure you’re aware) you don’t have to touch her to commit an “assault”. All she has to do is claim that you exhibited threatening behavior.

        Anyway, I’m sure your lawyer knows what he/she is doing. I just hate to go to any sort of legal hearing without knowing a little more than what I’m hearing here.

        • She did say something that seemed to invite me to respond in a threatening way, and for the life of me, I cannot remember what it was. But I did respond, “Come here and say that!” But, again, my seat belt stayed on and my rear end remained in the seat.

          It does seem to me now that she was trying to entrap me. Maybe she wasn’t that drunk after all. But I DID NOT lay ONE FINGER upon her, nor her upon me.

  8. Steven, in addition to jurisdiction, there are other controlling factors.
    1. Where did the schmuck file her complaint?
    2. In the court OR with the commission?

    Regardless where the evil schmuck filed it, if you have a Case Number, you can look it up on the internet. Do you have any friends with a PACER account? Kids in law school should still have free access to LexisNexis and other pricey research sites where you can learn damn near anything…including background on the broad.

    PS: Don’t let the bastards get you down. I’ll pour a stiff one at the end of the day and celebrate your victory with heartfelt thoughts.

    Do you have a copy of Uber’s liability policy?

    Your personal transportation policy. Think twice about phoning them for this info. Many insurance companies count inquiries as “CLAIMS”. It’s a tricky way to bolster their revenue; and then when their insured complains their policy cost escalated, a rapid “mea culpa” is voiced for their misunderstanding.


    • She went to the 6th Precinct of the NYPD in the West Village, in Manhattan and filed her complaint with either a desk sargeant, another officer or a detective.
      The police—someone in that precinct—informed the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission—as required by law—either directly, or, once it was put into the computer, was automatically sent to the TLC.
      My suspension is due to TLC rule, regulation or policy. It was after many years of public complaints about crooked cab drivers that then-Mayor Guiliani had the TLC institute this policy. But it was only until recently that the presumption of innocence was infringed: It used to be it took a conviction to revoke a license. Right now, my license is suspended, pending a favorable outcome to the case (favorable to me). Thanks.

  9. If you’re intending on donating to Brolies, might wish to do it ASAP.

    Internet across the globe to face downtime over the next 48 hours: ICANN.
    If you remember, Obama gave internet domain to China’s ICANN.
    I had renamed ICANN as ICAN’T
    I have a solution: Don’t do any shopping online.

  10. So sorry to hear about this. This woman has no shame.

    Hope a lot of money is raised to help you out.

  11. Stephen T. McCarthy

    STEVEN, I will pray for you about this, my Brother.

    After this has passed, and when you are able to, I would urge you to get out of that city. If my understanding of Biblical prophecy is correct, of all the cities that you DON’T want to be in over the next 10 or 11 years, I would put NYC at #1.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

    • Thanks, Steve, and the idea that God might be using this dread inconvenience to finally get my attention occurred to me on Thursday. Evil happens, but God CAN draw good out of it. I hope he does. And I hope this dizzy chick comes round, also.

  12. Folks…cover your butts–CYA is not a choice now–it is a must!!
    I am 68 years old, female; I don’t leave the house unless my husband is with me. We don’t even go out nights now..only on day time, weekends.
    If someone comes to the house to buy or look at what I have on CL, I make them come when husband is home.

  13. Just a final thought Steven. You said you were arrested by the NYPD. “They” refer these to a “Desk(?)”. I’m not familiar with that, but if this is a criminal charge, you are still entitled to a jury trial if you want one.

    This sounds an awful lot like one of those “Gypsy Scams”. I’m not sure, but it has some of the earmarks. If she has evidence for use against you, you are entitled to know what that is. You should also research her background as well.

    Sometimes, if she’s running a scam, the mere knowledge that you are looking at her might be enough to make her forget the whole thing. I don’t like these “abbreviated” forms of hearing. It is too easy to get a judge (they’re usually admin. law judges), that’s a moron. Those types of “judge” really aren’t judges, they are lawyers that are appointed to do this work.

    Also, don’t forget, and don’t let THEM forget that the burden of proof is on her. You said you had a witness. That may be very helpful.

    • Yes. It’s called a “desk appearance ticket” as a general all-round term. I don’t know if the term is actually a legally-designated term, but it’s one in which plaintiff and accused both appear before a real judge to hear the matter. Both my attorney and a prosecutor will be there, and if this woman shows up, she is entitled to have her representation, also. I do not think a jury will be present; I could, I suppose, demand one, but this is an accusation of a minor offense, and usually juries aren’t impaneled for these things.
      My case is a misdemeanor because, according to the law, her accusation puts me liable for prosecution for my alleged offense. (I assure everyone now I DID NOT put ONE FINGER on this woman, nor did she put one finger on me). So it’s an offense that could, conceivably, put in jail for up to six months, but, as this is the first time I have ever been so accused (with ZERO convictions for ANYTHING in my entire life), in all likelihood it would result in no jail time or fine for me. Generally, the judge issues an “ACD”—a “Contemplation of Dismissal,” meaning, if I am not accused for six months afterward, the matter goes away forever, as is the case with Assault Class 3’s. (Because minor street and bar fights are common).
      And, YES, I have my suspicions that this IS an insurance scam. As I said to someone else above, I went to my insurer and filed a sworn affadavit this Thursday, just to cover my end. And, YES, the prosecution understands that the burden of proof is on the State: I am the accused—legally, I don’t have to even speak.
      Thanks again.

  14. All done! You will be remembered in my evening prayers as well. Vaya con Dios!

  15. Glad to help Steven and so sorry to hear of this injustice, which can befall anyone in these perilous times

  16. I pitched in, too.

    Steven, I don’t know if you’ve done this in the past or not, but when you get through this, you may want to consider small package deliveries. At the very least, the packages don’t talk back. I’d also look into getting a camera or two that looks into the back seat, for your protection.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks, and thank you for your donation, Jackie.
      YES, in addition to signing up for Uber Eats and other delivery platforms, I AM looking into courier services. On-foot couriers usually earn per hour or per job and don’t pay much. But if I am cleared of this—as my long-time attorney believes I will be—then I will look into legal couriers. This way, I only have to deliver and pick up large envelopes, things like that. I’ve heard they can make big bucks. And at the age of 62, I’m going to need all the money I can earn.
      Thank you again.

  17. CogitoErgoSumantra

    I would suggest the police read Steven’s posts here which detail how careful he is to not even upset his clients with his words and beliefs. He will engage them in Socratic conversation IF they are willing, but never forced anything on anybody. And I have ZERO reason to suspect he’d EVER do anything physical to anybody in light of that consideration & respect of their individual rights as human beings.

    Absolutely no reason to even think he would do anything like that! BTW, why was SHE not arrested for disorderly conduct or public drunkenness? Maybe because he had pity on her and didn’t call the cops?

    • Thanks, Cogito.
      My policy while driving has always been to let the passenger start the conversation, and they usually start with a question. I’ve had many marvelous conversations over the years, and I’ve learned a lot about various things, also.
      The one thing about New York is that, outside of Staten Island, it is so far loony left, I have to beware: During the 2016 Presidential Campaign, I took an awful lot of abuse from people—they called up Uber and Via to complain. Fortunately I was never assaulted, but I have been cursed out and I’ve even had a couple of people demand I let them out of the car early!
      As far as disorderly conduct goes, all she did was scream—and then SHE walked away. Can’t do anything about that. (I think it was a scam).

  18. Our prayers that this will go away and the truth prevail.

  19. So sorry to hear about the attack on Steven Broiles. I like his commentaries a lot, and we are facebook friends. I too will say a prayer for him. The devil is a tricky bastard/he has many in his grip and stoops to new lows everyday. Don’t let them wear us down.

    • Thanks again, Carl. I am reminded of the old 1960’s saying, “Illegitimi Non-Carborundum”—“Don’t let the bastards get you down!”

  20. It’s because of crap like THIS that I’m very careful about whom I have in my house and car. As for my house, the only women who have been here were my late mother and the pet sitters who look after my cat. The pet sitters were with me only twice: to meet my old cat and recently to meet the new one; after that, they’ll only come in here when I’m away.

    As for my car, I’ve been a little more liberal, but not much. My late mother was in my car; my ex GF was; and a couple of dates were too-BEFORE the Kavanaugh hearings! After the Kavanaugh hearings, I’ll have NO women in my car-including dates. If I ever date again, I’ll meet the women in a public place first.

    As for women at work, I don’t talk to them unless I have to. In those instances, I’ll only talk to them if: 1) they talk to me first; and 2) it’s work related. Other than that, I will NOT talk to women at work. All it takes is someone to say that I made her feel ‘uncomfortable’, and I’m toast.

    Women are like hand grenades: you don’t know which one is a dud and which one is live (i.e. dangerous) until it’s too late.

    • Yes—somewhat. I will say that Diane Feinstein, “Crissy” Ford and Julie Swetnick have done more to damage and destroy romantic—and business—relations than anyone else in the past 50 YEARS. They are a disgrace.
      If we don’t put an end to political correctness, political correctness will put an end to us. (Oh Well: At least the Duke Lacross accuser is behind bars!)

      • Steve, false accusations were happening 20 years ago; I know, because it happened to me. The only difference here is that the Kavanaugh hearings brought this issue front and center, and brought it to a wider audience than ever before, thus increasing awareness.

        Concerning CGM, the Duke LAX accuser, yes, she’s behind bars. That said, she should be behind bars for what she did to those innocent boys, not for murder. She was given a pass for her false accusation, which is wrong. I think that a false accuser should get the SAME PUNISHMENT as they’d have received for committing the actual crime. CGM would not have COMMITTED that murder had she been in jail.

        Oh, and when I get paid next, I’ll make a donation.

        • I’ve had it happen to me too. Long story short, the woman in question wasn’t getting what she wanted honestly so she thought this would get her what she wanted. It didn’t.

          The recent Kavanaugh thing has simply been used to condition the zombies that women are always right and always tell the truth whether they do or not. Said another way, men have no right to question women. If a man isn’t really guilty it doesn’t matter because another man, at some time, did something.

          • That encapsulates the mentality. If a man isn’t guilty, it doesn’t matter because SOMEONE in ‘The Patriarchy’ did something untold years ago…

  21. Sorry you are in this scam, Steven. It appears you have a lawyer …but for any reason if you believe he/she is going to treat this “lightly,” (like, suggest that you go to some sort of “arbitration,” ) then get yourself a BULLDOG lawyer. My husband & I went through this years ago & hired a lawyer that we could “not afford” (worth every penny as it turned out) at the time to represent us in a case before a judge—which might be where you are going, and not a jury……It was a stoopid, nuisance “pay back” case from a neighbor nearly 1/4 mile away whose loose dog attacked/ripped open our dog on our own front porch as my husband was bringing our dog (leashed) home from his walk. We took them to “dog court” (mainly b/c it was automatically reported by the emergency vet anyway to the local dog court—b/c they had to verify rabies vaccine, license, etc….) and they lost—& the dog, on whom they depended for some income as a “breeder,” had to be posted for a year on their property as a “dangerous dog,” which cut into their business b/c people didn’t want to buy puppies from a “dangerous dog” breeder. This, they blamed on us, of course, and the 20-yr-old daughter who lived with them (with her own 4-yr-old daughter) swore out a “restraining order” ( I might add, she filed in a city 30 miles away from us, not in our own court) on my husband one day, claiming that he’d climbed over their 8-foot high gate, naked, and taken pictures of her child. This was so ridiculous on its face (who would climb over an 8-foot high gate 1/4-mile away from our home, naked, to take photos of a minor, into the yard of a Rottweiler who’d mauled/nearly killed our own old Lab, let alone, bit my husband in the process…on our own front porch—in a case that spelled this all out on record, & had already been adjudicated by the county against them in dog court????) Nevertheless…they always “believe” the woman and have to file her bidding, just IN CASE you are the nut she claims. PLUS…she used all the “buzz words” in the complaint to assure that it would be granted…”naked, the minor child, photographing, etc.—-this is why you should find a way to access the exact wording of the charge against you…immediately….which might contain some provocative “buzz words,” too, and NOT go to court unless and until you KNOW exactly what you are charged with in the complaintant’s words). We KNEW we had to go ALL OUT to counter this (first, just personally…but secondly due to my husband’s and my “positions” in our smallish CA community/area—I am a well-known teacher, he is a well-known psychologist, we are involved in some much-loved community concerns through the years —–and third—just BECAUSE of our years and years of solid citizenship at any place that we’ve lived and served in the USA through the years) so we hired photo evidence of our geography, the fencing/barriars, clocked the distance, number of neighboring “witnesses” who could have noticed a naked man in broad daylight traveling 1/4 mile up to their property/climb over their 8-ft gate….etc…. got affidavits from our neighbors, etc, and, b/c my husband is paid for his mileage by the state of CA for distances between the several offices that he has to report to….we had GPS evidence/toll road bills from the state of CA of where he was at all times with his car (do you have data on times and mileage?This woman will not be exact on this….but you COULD BE, which would be in your favor—THINK Kavanaugh’s old high school calendar records!!!!!)all of which threw out this stoopid woman’s claims for every incident…..but—YOU have to do the leg work and think really hard about every shred of evidence you can muster to defend your whereabouts and your situation. She must prove her claims….but you must be prepared for her to err/be vague and be ready to smack her claims down with any fact you can rally or assemble. A lawyer won’t do any of this for you…nor, unless they are exceptional, will they take the time to advise you to do this in order that they have it at hand to take to your case. In our case—our day in court lasted less than 10 minutes before the judge threw it out on the “evidence” offered by the complaintant vs some simple records/photos we offered up. I have to warn you…..this was still done by the judge with deference to the woman….she still had “prejudice” or a YEAR to come up with any other “evidence” against us to re-up the “case.” Of course, this never happened b/c it was a “nuisance case” in the first place—and we “called her” on her scam. I hope and pray you can do the same!!!!

    • Mr. Broiles, LISTEN to what CalGirl says; she’s right! You need to fight this tooth and nail; you need to pull out all the stops. She’s brought up some good ideas for impeaching this woman’s ‘credibility’. Oh, and as one who has been falsely accused, you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent. I know that this isn’t what we learned in Civics class, but that’s the brutal reality.

      If you continue driving after this, you might want to get a surveillance camera for your car; you want to have this stuff on tape. When the boys at Hofstra University were falsely accused years ago, the ONLY thing that saved their bacon was the fact that one of the guys taped the whole thing. They said that they took turns having sex with the woman, while she said that they gang raped her. If not for the video evidence, the boys were looking at serious prison time. Look up Damnel Ndonye or the Hofstra University rape case to find out more.

  22. Hi Steve:

    No. 1 — Unless you secure a “Notarized Sworn Affidavit” from the other passenger who witnessed the event, YOU DON’T STAND A CHANCE OF WINNING WHEN YOU GO TO COURT because NOW it’s a ‘he said she said’ and whoever files first wins.

    Get it thru your head, these foreign “for profit” courts haven’t a damn thing to do with justice. They don’t even follow their own Rules and make them up as they go.
    When your name is in ALL CAP’s on any document, that name is considered a British Subject.

    When you secure the other passengers affidavit, IMMEDIATELY file a “cross-claim” or “counter-claim”; whatever they call them in NYC.
    And don’t forget to list DAMAGES. How many $$$ you’ve lost so far and what it has cost you in time and money researching.


    Steve, your accuser’s info is available from court records, Uber, your attorney and the police.

    How do you suppose the law group learned about your case and then texted you to solicit your business? IT’S IN THE PUBLIC RECORDS! Listen to their voice mail again. Call them, ask for the court location and case #. Tell them you’re interested in hearing their strategy and learning more.
    When you have the above info, you can go to the court and buy copies.
    KEEP YOUR FOCUS ON NUMBER 1. When you secured that, move on to the rest of fact gathering.

  23. Steve, I am troubled why you’re fed a bunch of crap in anticipation of them nailing your good name with a Police Record labeled as an abuser.

    When your stopped on the road, the police write a ticket, you go to court and IF THE SAME man/woman who wrote the ticket is NOT IN THE COURT, you immediately state – “due to the failure of Jane Doe’s appearance in the court, the subject matter is barred to advance, therefore, I demand a final order this case is dismissed with prejudice and stricken from the record and the false police report expunged.

    It’s like pregnancy. There is no contemplation if one is or isn’t.

    Whoever told you the following re ‘contemplation’ is full of it and I’d kick ’em to the curb in a heartbeat for lying to me. It’s amazing how beneficial your writings detail the corruption in the foreign “for profit” courts, the BAR black robe Estate Administrator and BAR attorney that swear a secret oath to the crown.

    Quote: “It is a misdemeanor, and if this lady does not show up in court my attorney may move for an ACD—a “contemplation of dismissal” order which basically says that if I stay out of trouble for six months, the matter gets dropped.”

  24. Steve, I wrote this earlier today and noted it hasn’t posted yet.

    No. 1 — Unless you secure a “Notarized Sworn Affidavit” from the other passenger in your car who witnessed the event, YOU HAVE NO OPPORTUNITY FOR SUCCESS because as of NOW, it’s a ‘he said she said’ and whoever files first is victorious. Get it thru your head – NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU (Police, Courts, your Attorney) because when one is accused; their guilty.

    These foreign “for profit” courts haven’t a damn thing to do with justice. They don’t even follow their own Rules and make them up as they go.
    When your name is in ALL CAPs on any document, that name and who claims it, is a British Subject; a corporation, a vessel lost at sea, a corpse, as you will note names engraved on tombstones. Look at your driver license, insurance, etc.,and you’ll see ALL CAPs again, your straw man; dead man. THAT’S NOT YOU – the living man.

    When you secure the other passengers affidavit, IMMEDIATELY file a “cross-claim” or “counter-claim”; whatever they call them in NYC. Demand a jury trial.
    And don’t forget to list DAMAGES. Income you’ve lost, additional expense you’ve been burdened with in time and money researching.

    Why didn’t YOUR ATTORNEY tell you this? Did they give you options? Did they ever provide you with a positive STRATEGY TO WIN?

    Steve, your accuser’s info is available in the PUBLIC RECORDS. From the courts, Uber, your attorney, the police, etc. Ask any Private Investigator as many are retired police.

    How do you suppose the law group learned about your case and then texted you to solicit your business? IT’S IN THE PUBLIC RECORDS! Listen to their voice mail again. Call them; ask for the court location and case #. Tell them you’re interested in hearing their strategy and learning more. How many cases have they handled like yours?

    When you know the location of the November hearing, – GO THERE – use the courts computers at that court; punch your name in as defendant then print off and purchase copies of the case.


    You are being played; set up to file an appeal. The longer they keep you in court, the more money they make.


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