Lowe's Needs Your Help

According to a Charlotte Observer news report, a coalition of “interfaith” organizations is planning on delivering a petition to Lowe’s protesting its decision to stop advertising on the reality TV show “All-American Muslim.” (For Sage_brush’s post on the planned All-American Muslim reality show, click here.)
The coalition claims it has 200,000 signers on its petition.
Act for America is coming to the defense of Lowe’s with a petition. Already, a first round of 31,000 petition signers has been delivered to Lowe’s.

Please show your support for Lowe’s by clicking here to sign the petition.
This what the petition in support of Lowe’s says:

Pledge of Support for Lowe’s
Home Improvement

We the undersigned join to stand with Lowe’s Home Improvement stores in their decision to cease the flow of their advertising dollars to The Learning Channel’s (TLC) television show “All-American Muslim.”

We believe that American businesses should be free to make advertising decisions without fear of repercussion from radical Islamist groups.
We strongly oppose the tactics used by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) to attack Lowe’s Home Improvement, an American company, for making a responsible and lawful business decision.
We reject comments from California State Senator Ted Lieu alleging that, because Lowe’s decided to stop its advertising, the company is “bigoted, shameful and un-American.”
Therefore, we the undersigned, join with others across America, to let Lowe’s Home Improvement know that:

  • We support Lowe’s Home Improvement’s decision to end paid advertising on TLC’s “All-American Muslim.”
  • We thank Lowe’s Home Improvement for their position in the face of unwarranted and unfair criticism.

We are resolved that in addition to signing this petition today we will pass it along to others in our circle of influence and encourage them to add their names to this document as part of our statement of support for Lowe’s Home Improvement.
To sign the petition, click here!
Another way to support Lowe’s is to buy something from Lowe’s. Make sure you tell the checker why!
H/t beloved fellow tina.

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What, they’re going to force Lowe’s to spend money on something it doesn’t want-to? (Ah, just like crappy, over-priced health insurance… it must make left/liberal-sense!) Dang straight, I’ll go buy something I need there.

Bruce Feher (@BCFeher)



thankyou Dr.Eowyn! sent this to everyone I know. I do not and will not tolerate muslims. They’ve stepped over the line. They need to all go back where they came from. I see Hillary and aka obama had a three day meeting on the “religious tolerance” of Islam. They don’t want us saying nothing about muslims and their religion. My reply,Islam is not a religion it is a radical political party.


I’m so glad you ran this piece as I was predisposed to
boycott Lowes for supporting the Moors….the fact that
they have come to the conclusion that Americans are
constructive responsible citizens whereas Islamo-fascists
are destructive and parasitic invaders.


oops ,I hit send …. ( lowes) deserves
and will receive my support and praise.


Gee, forcing the American public to buy something they don’t want………….sounds like friggin OBAMACARE to me!! Unconstitutional but leave it to the Left Wing Liberals to try something like it!!! Disgusting. That program shows only what they want you to see, of course, the idiots who put this on the air are on the Muslim payroll, come on America, open your eyes!!!


You’re disgusting. You have nothing better to spread than hate. It’s sad, as if we need more hate during these times.
Say whatever you want to defend yourself “they started it” “I’m not doing anything wrong.. because blah blah blah”.
In the end you are the reason this country is going backwards.
If it was up to you, the only race, religion or country to exist would be your own and even then you would continue to hate the differences of people.
I look down on people like you.


You want to talk about spreading hate? I suggest you educate yourself on the “American” Muslims in this show and their political beliefs backgrounds. Suehaila supports Hamas, Hezbollah, and CAIR. Talk about pain….


Thanks for setting up this site. Lowe’s needs as much support as possible!