Loving dog stops and waits for elderly owner

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A security camera in a residential neighborhood captured on video an elderly man out for his daily walk.
The man walks very, very, very, very slowly with the help of a walker.

Watch how his faithful, patient dog would periodically stop and wait for the old man to catch up with her.

H/t PawMyGosh

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0 responses to “Loving dog stops and waits for elderly owner

  1. And she doesn’t look so young either, she may not have a voice but has a BIG HEART, I love my Barney so much.

  3. Our pets have such impressive knowledge of our feelings and abilities that sometimes our mates miss. They are amazing creatures and such a joy.

  4. And those abominable bastards in siuth korea brutally kill, scald
    And blow torch dogs for meat……all the while other dogs must watch and feel terror. God damn all of korea


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