#LoveTrumpsHate: A simulated assassination of President Trump at fundraiser for Illinois demorat state senator

Reporter Mark Maxwell tweeted this yesterday:

“A political fundraiser for @SenatorSandoval simulates an assassination attempt against a mock @realDonaldTrump decked out in Mexican garb. Looks like a man pointed a fake assault weapon at the fake President to pose for a picture.

State Senator Martin Sandoval and @DemsforIllinois have condemned the photos.

The “party of tolerance” and advocates against gun violence should take a hard look in the mirror.

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h/t Twitchy


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Jackie Puppet
1 year ago

Sandoval & other IL DemonRAT leaders may have condemned it, but it sure doesn’t show up in their tweets either.

1 year ago

Where the hell is the Justice Department and the Secret Service?

Dr. Eowyn
1 year ago
Reply to  Dave


1 year ago

Dave asks where the Secret Service and DOJ are, which of course is nowhere since this indy, impromptu performance serves the deep state’s narrative. Since DJT, support him or not, is a msm placeholder for white Euro-Americans, the skit’s real target is white Americans and not the person of the president—otherwise the secret service and FBI would have been all over it. Rep. Omar is also back in the news, suggesting that Jews and Muslims make common cause against DJT, who as a racial placeholder for whites, makes this Jewish/Muslim manifesto the equivalent of a joint call for persecuting whites… Read more »

1 year ago

How can this be allowed to take place in this country in this day and age? What has become of our nation? I cannot believe it is happening. Somebody needs to stop it!!!