Louise Ciconne’s $3.8 Million Charity Scam

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In 2008, the woman who insists on being called by just her first name (thereby encouraging a sacrilegious association with Mary, the mother of Christ) canvassed millions of charity dollars for the construction of a school in the impoverished African country of Malawi. The school turns out to be another charity scam.

$3.8 million of the funds intended for the building of Madonna Louis Ciccone’s “elite school” for 400 girls in Malawai have disappeared, without even a brick having been laid.


Madonna as the Baphomet at 2012 Super Bowl

Madonna’s African school dream left in ruins as £2.4m is frittered on

By David Gardner –  Daily Mail – March 26, 2011

Madonna’s dream of building a school for girls in poverty-stricken Malawi has collapsed after £2.4million was frittered away without a brick being laid. Funds raised by the singer from celebrity friends such as Tom Cruise and Gwyneth Paltrow were squandered on luxuries including golf course membership, and a car and driver for the school’s director, according to details of an audit revealed yesterday.

Madonna also plunged her own money into the school project which was going to cost £10 million but which has now been officially abandoned because of the
financial scandal.

The charity Raising Malawi, co-founded by Madonna and once run by the
boyfriend of her former personal trainer, was behind the plan to build the academy. But its board of directors has been ousted and replaced by a caretaker board which includes the singer and her manager, according to the New York Times.

Madonna was not implicated in the financial scandal and was not on the original board.

The newspaper claimed yesterday that auditors called in to examine the charity’s finances found that the budget overran by hundreds of thousands of pounds because of ‘outlandish expenditures’ that also included design fees to architects, salaries, cars, office space and free staff housing – all for a school that was never built. In one case, two cars were bought for employees that hadn’t even been hired. Some of the £2.4million still hasn’t been accounted for, said the audit.
The academy for 400 girls was supposed to be the jewel in the crown of the charitable foundation’s work in Malawi.

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For tips on avoiding being scammed by charities, GO HERE.

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Holy Cow does she look like crap!!! Has she got cancer or something? She obviously didn’t waste the money on food, eat Madonna eat!!!

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Bag O' Bones

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