Louis Farrakhan: Obama Was Selected Before He Was Elected

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Yesterday was the last day of the Obama-Columbia University trial in Harlem, N.Y. Rev. James David Manning, who single-handedly initiated and organized the trial, said he had received a letter from Mike — a former KGB agent who was also a double agent with the CIA. Mike stated in the letter that Obama had worked for the CIA for 4 years (1981-1985) in Pakistan assisting the Mujahadeen fighters during the Soviet-Afghan war.
Mike’s claim gives credibility to what Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, said a month ago on March 20, 2010, at a black conference, “We Count! The Black Agenda is the American Agenda,” in Chicago. Referring to “our brother” Barack Hussein Obama, Farrakhan questioned how a “junior senator” who hadn’t gotten his “foot on the ground” could have the audacity to think he could be President.
Farrakhan then said something most curious. He declared that Obama “was selected before he was elected” by certain “kingmakers” who were “political scheming” “in back rooms.” Farrakhan said that Obama’s early primary victory in Iowa was “financed largely by Goldman Sachs.”

More recently on May 10, in an interview Farrakhan repeated his assertion that Obama was “selected before he was elected.” To see the video on Breitbart, CLICK HERE.
If Obama indeed was “selected before he was elected” by a powerful shadowy elite, that would explain the kind of broad and deep coordination of multiple government agencies needed to conceal his birth documents, passports, social security numbers, selective service registration, and college transcripts.
To borrow Alice’s exclamation in Wonderland: Things sure are getting “curiouser and curiouser”!

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0 responses to “Louis Farrakhan: Obama Was Selected Before He Was Elected

  1. Well, after all, George Soros needed to find a flunkie somewhere.

  2. The problem here is two fold–Farrakhan is a two faced liar and a swindler–The rest about Obafool I believe–I think he’s a fraud from the git-go and as a Muslim I think he should be in Gitmo–However, I’m not in charge-too bad—

  3. By the way–has it occurred to anyone that Ofamafool is nothing more than a Muslim stooge.
    If someone kills him he becomes a Muslim martyr. That means he’ll get his seventy two virgins.
    I wonder if anyone told him they’re horny male gays looking for a really cute black guy with a cute ass.

  4. EO You can delete the above, but I think it’s true.

    • Actually, I prefer to think that what’s awaiting “martyred” Muslims are 72 virgin nuns with shotguns.
      P.S. The abbreviation of Eowyn is Eo, not EO. O is not the first letter of my last name.

  5. EO…Eo…Master Mind or MASTER MISTRESS—It’s all the same to me—But I will address you appropriately……

  6. Nuns with shotguns—scary stuff….

  7. I know one thing for sure: the truth about Mr. O will come out!! It will!! It will!!

  8. You can’t be a Muslim and be in power with the Illumini. They have their own religion.
    Enough of the democrat vs republican. They ALL are sellouts to the lobbyists of the oil, drug, health insurance companies and the super rich like the Rockefellers and Kenedys.
    They couldn’t care less about normal people. There are SOME good politicians, they are the ones who go nowhere because they don’t have the money for campaigns by selling out and can’t afford all the focus groups, ETC Ask JFK or Lincon what happens to presidents who go against the banks. A bullet to the head ! And a big coverup by the people in charge. No even congress believed the JFK investigation lies !

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