Lost Gen Patton Film?

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OK, first was not that good. Is this better. We all know he is dead. Just trying for a little motivation. Anon posted this and it was better.
~Steve~                       H/T May   And Anon.

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0 responses to “Lost Gen Patton Film?

  1. This is not General Patton. He looked nothing like this and would have never been this quiet and mannerly. He was a robust, bigger than life character that no one could copy, certainly not George C. Scott.
    Clifton Lee West

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Patton is on my family tree on my grandfather’s side. I loved this rendition; but, it needed a lot more cussing to accurately convey the Pattonesque touch! ROFL!

    • Posted before, but Patton (George C. Scott’s version, at least) updated for today…

      • Dang, it’s got better delivery, harder digs on today’s hassles and more cussin’ for lowtechgrannie.

  3. This is a hoax… Patton was killed just after WW2 (in a dubious ‘car crash’)
    in this he mentions Al qaeda, which is a recent invention of the US establishment. As Steve says he looked nothing like this !
    Somebody has a “sense of humour” with this crap !

  4. B.G. is spot on. Gen. Patton was mrdered for being a patriot and as someone who might blow the whistle on Ike, whose war crimes, if known, would have killed his political career.

  5. The hoaxer is revealed at 3:13-3:14.

  6. No 2 pair of 6 guns-not Patton.No way.Patton was great general and frightened Germans the most.

  7. Not As Stupid As You

    This is about as believable as the 911 footage.

    • Hey dumb arse (as well as stupid), tell me, was Hollywood in cahoots w/Bush to magically recreate special effects of people jumping to their deaths from the Twin Towers in order to avoid being burned to death?
      Go back to DailyKooks and keep entertaining yourself In momma’s basement. We got no use for your delusional dribble dumbarse…

    • “This is about as believable as Democrats being patriotic,” would be better.

  8. God how gay.

  9. Come on people. Don’t you see that this is CLEARLY a new film with sepia badly applied all over it? Get your eye’s lense caps off people.

  10. Put – https://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?disc=149495;article=138183;title= – your muffins in the ovens NOW !! bake at 350, apply frosting. I have sugar rush..heeehehehe

  11. How soon we forget. Since I was born in 1939 I was alive then and many avoided the draft. Probably as many then as now. Wat do you think started the baby boom. People were having as many babies as possible hoping to be granted draft deferments. I know many in my generation who avoided the draft by having kids and trying to get into jobs that had deferrments.
    Art S. Cary, Il.


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