Losing Our Rights

The good folks over the The Freedom Foundation have put together a video outlining the property rights struggle Donna Baker in Rochester, Washington is facing with Thurston County. She wants to sell 5 acres of the 35 that she inherited to pay for medical bills and taxes. 
One problem: Thurston County has denied her that right all in the name of saving pocket gophers.
Yes, Thurston County has an “Emergency Prairie Ordinance” to protect these “free-living animals” critters.
The County said she must set aside over 50 acres for gopher habitat, 15 acres more than she currently owns.  Donna had to borrow money to pay for gopher studies, surveys and permits. During a period of two years, Donna spent $16,000 just to try to sell 5 acres of her property.
Thurston County even goes so far as to say they don’t know Ms. Baker. “There was no planning staff member that recalls having a conversation with Ms. Baker. We’ve got no record of this conversation.”
You can read more about this out of control government agency and their actions at StopThurstonCounty.com.

This critter has more rights than you

This is a heart-breaking story of a woman facing financial difficulties and medical problems and fighting the overzealous bureaucrats at a local government agency.
Yes, these precious little critters that leave mounds of dirt, damage trees, attack cats and humans, and can inflict serious bites with their long, sharp teeth are a priority to Thurston County. Just another example of big government run amock and limiting our rights and our freedoms.

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lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

This all ties into AGENDA 21. Thurston County is signed on with ICLEI and has targets to meed on a broad range of “Sustainability” goals. People and their property rights don’t matter when the gopher population is threatened!