Looters stole groceries from crashed car that killed mother of 2

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Houston car wreckOn the afternoon of June 4, 2014, on Fondren Road near Dumfries Drive in southwest Houston, Texas, a young mother driving a Toyota 4-Runner with her 4 and 6-year-old sons, collided with another car, then crashed into a tree.

The 23-year-old woman was killed instantly.

Her two boys were wearing seat belts but were not in car seats. They sustained non life-threatening injuries and were rushed to a hospital. The driver of the other car, a Mercedes, was not injured.

What happened next is a sign of the unraveling of America.

Before first responders arrived — ignoring the dead woman and her two young children — passersby looted the car of the groceries that the woman had just purchased, witnesses told police.

Police said the woman had attended her 4-year-old son’s graduation ceremony at his elementary school, went to the grocery store, dropped off a friend, and was on her way home when the accident happened. Police believe the woman was at fault: she was driving at a high speed, was not buckled in, and failed to yield to the other car. Her name has not been released.

Troy Lamerson, a Houston resident who works near where the wreck happened, said he was stunned to hear onlookers might have stolen groceries from her car, “Why would you take somebody’s stuff who got hit by a car? That’s crazy, that’s mean.”

But Savannah Roberts, who lives close to the scene of the accident, said she was not surprised, “There is a lot of people you just can’t trust. I’ve seen worse in this area.”

At last check, no arrest has been made in the theft.

Apparently, there are no videos or pics of the looting so we don’t know the identities of the looters.

Below are screenshots I took from a WCTI ABC12 news video of the aftermath, showing shocked onlookers in the neighborhood watching police and first responders at the scene of the accident. Draw you own conclusions as to the looters’ likely racial identity.

Houston car crash2Houston car crash3Houston car crash4Houston car crash5Houston car crash7Houston car crash8Sources: KTRK, New York Daily News, Chron.

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0 responses to “Looters stole groceries from crashed car that killed mother of 2

  1. The more things change, the more they remain the same.
    In 1970 a friend of mine was returning from a business meeting in NY’s financial district. He had been a medic in Vietnam. Nearby was a crowd around a woman who had been struck by a car. My friend went to the woman’s side, put his attache case down, removed his topcoat, folded it and placed it under the woman’s head and began to administer first aid. As my friend was preoccupied, an individual of the same race as those in this story, saw an opportunity, grabbed my friend’s attache case and took off. My friend did not stop caring for the woman until an ambulance arrived.
    He was rewarded by some blood stains on his coat and was admonished and nearly fired for the loss of the information in his case.
    Despite the opportunity to become more civilized since the passage of the Civil Rights Act, some remain animals, and this is sad indeed for those who have worked so hard not to be so identified.

    • “Despite the opportunity to become more civilized since the passage of the Civil Rights Act, some remain animals, and this is sad indeed for those who have worked so hard not to be so identified.”

      Well said, and ditto!

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  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this important post. Such behavior is so reprehensible that one wonders whether such people have ever thought of the welfare of someone else. Horrible!

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  5. Holder’s “people”…

  6. What in the world is wrong with people today?

    • It’s obvious . . . some folks just “ain’t had no fetchin’ up!” I suspect that a lot of these same folks would have benefited from gettin’ their butts warmed up with a belt when they were young. Now all of us suffer from the fact that we have feral animals on the loose in our societies, posing as human beings.

  7. I encourage people to prepare for what’s coming by buying food, medical supplies, storing water, etc., etc.
    Of course the subhuman scum who did this will get theirs—in the next life if they don’t repent. But I have told people time and time again to prepare in every way they can. They’re polite, but I have yet to meet a fellow prepper here in New York City.
    When the SHTF, this is going to be commonplace. PREPARE TO SURVIVE NOW.

  8. tragic: mother killed in car accident, people stole food from her wrecked car (theft is against the law), 2 small children in the car with no car seats (against the law), 2 small children with no mother, 4 year old having a “graduation” ceremony (meaning the child has been in the “school” since around age 3), mother speeding with 2 small children in the car (against the law), mother not yielding to oncoming traffic (breaking the law again), mother not wearing a seatbelt (against the law), no one administering aid to her or her children, no mention of a father….heartbreaking. I wonder if the car wreck was intentional (suicidal) because any parent knows to protect their child and themselves they are to do the exact OPPOSITE of what she did. She deliberately put herself and her children in harms way.

  9. looters: fingerprints on car…maybe some have police records

  10. A sad, sorry commentary on our era….

  11. Willow Sunstar

    I think it’s a sign that people are getting desperate in regards to food. I heard another story recently about someone stealing meat from a grocery store, and walking down the street with a cart full of steaks. That person was arrested. (Sadly, the steaks all went to waste instead of going to a homeless shelter or something.)


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