Looking Forward to Obamacare?

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You really want Obamacare? Then get ready to wait — a long time.
Right now I can call my doctor and get in to see him within a week or two.  Two years ago I had knee surgery and was able to schedule it two months out. Yet I’m sure that will change if Obamacare goes into effect. Witness what is going on in Europe with their government-run health care service…
Over in the UK, they have the beautiful National Health Service (NHS) system.  A publicly funded health care system that is in serious financial distress.  So much so that the guardian.co.uk reports that the NHS budget squeeze has English patients waiting more than 18 weeks to get treatment, as recommended by the government.
New NHS performance data reveal that the number of people in England who are being forced to wait more than 18 weeks has risen by 26% in the last year, while the number who had to wait longer than six months has shot up by 43%.
In March this year, 34,639 people, or 11% of the total, waited more than that time to receive inpatient treatment, compared with 27,534, or 8.3%, in March 2010 – an increase of 26% – Department of Health statistics show.
Similarly, in March this year some 11,243 patients who underwent treatment had waited for more than six months, compared with 7,841 in the same month in 2010 – a 43% rise.
The British Medical Association said the longer waits and fewer treatments were inevitable: “Given the massive financial pressures on the NHS, it was always likely that hospital activity would decrease and waiting times would increase,” said a spokesperson.
Obamacare is inevitably going to end up in the exact same situation.  Waiting months for medical treatment? There’s some “hopeandchange” we can all embrace.

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  1. Boehner has the opportunity to Defund this mess right now-I have been reminding him and my congressman very often. He could have done it last month,but didn’t. I’m afraid Boehner may be on obamas side here. He has a chance to prove himself now.

  2. Yes, you’ll be amazed how many people (plus money, SEIU jobs, lavish benefits, etc.) it takes to do nothing.


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