Looking for a great Christmas present? Check these out!

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Are you shopping about for Christmas gifts?
Many of the readers of Fellowship of the Minds are creative artisans. Please consider, for example, these:

  • William, a talented freelance graphic designer with a full background in traditional commercial and fine art skills, William’s specialties include graphic design, web design, web development, logo design, illustration, flash animation, concept development, interface design, corporate ID, advertising design, business to business, and consumer. He is also gifted in people skills — he is kind, considerate, affable, and very hardworking. If you can use William’s graphic design skills, you can contact him via FOTM’s email (fellowshipminds@gmail.com) and I’ll forward the email to him.
  • “Artist,” a talented artist who (among other projects) designs covers for books like the children’s book, The Best Part of the Day, written by Sarah Ban Breathnach and published by the conservative Regnery  publisher (see below). “Artist” can be reached via her website https://www.wendyedelson.com/. Here is the book: https://www.amazon.com/The-Best-Part-Day/dp/1621572528/ref=tmm_hrd_title_0Here is a recent review:
  • CSM, a gifted artist who hand-paints tote-bags, like this one (forthcoming):

Do you want your Christmas gifts to be a true celebration and remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord? Please consider these gifts to help persecuted and impoverished followers of Christ across the world:

  • Forgotten Christmas: A great Christian group devoted to helping Christians in Asia with your gift donations to buy a pair of chickens or a goat for an impoverished peasant family, and more. They offer free gift catalogs, an animated DVD for 2014 (and previous years), and free shipping! Click here for Forgotten Christmas’s website or go to https://forgottenchristmas.org/.
  • The Voice of the Martyrs (VOM): A truly admirable organization on the persecution of Christians worldwide. VOM offers an Iraqi Christian T-shirt with the Arabic letter “N” printed in bold red which shows support for Christians persecuted by ISIS in the Middle-East.  In Iraq, ISIS jihadists spray the letter “N” (for “Nazarene”) on the doors of Christians, then return to persecute those families. VOM also accepts donations of money and clothing, if one is able. Click here for VOM’s website or go to: https://secure.persecution.com/i-am-n/default.aspx?source=WEBIAMN

Are you a member of our FOTM family who has a small business selling Christmas (or other) gifts? Leave a description and contact information in a comment to this post!
H/t MomOfIV for the links to Forgotten Christmas and Voice of the Martyrs, and for proposing a Christmas gifts post!

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