Looking Ahead to November 2

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Tom in NC, a regular guest columnist of Fellowship of the Minds, reminds us that it is time to begin preparing for the November elections.
America’s future and that of our children and grandchildren hang in the balance.

Volunteers Needed

November 2, 2010 is shaping up to be the election that will reshape our government and our country.
The anti-incumbent/anti-Democrat movement is in full force but can still be derailed if we are not careful. The Democrats, like any other cornered animal are still dangerous, can still strike back and will use any and every dirty trick in the book to get elected/reelected. We have to be prepared and be willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that fraud and voter intimidation does not take place or gather the evidence in case it does and present it to the authorities.

Billy club-wielding Black Panthers at a Philadelphia polling station, 2008

We need to volunteer our time this November on election day to monitor polling sites especially in the larger districts with high voter turnout. We all saw the voter intimidation by the (new) Black Panthers in 2008 in Philadephia, we must ensure that if this happens again anywhere that we document it and and report it.
I plan on taking that day off and and make the rounds to the different polling sites here in Raleigh, NC. I probably will not encounter any of the voter intimidation that took place in Philadephia but I feel like I cannot take the chance and not perform this task, this election is just too important. I hope others will also consider doing the same and with some simple guidelines we can make a difference: 
  1. Bring a digital camera/video camera with extra batteries.
  2. Make notes.
  3. Do not confront anyone that you suspect of voter fraud/intimidation.
  4. If you have a cell phone make sure it is charged and have the numbers for local law enforcement and for the local Republican committee office in it or easily accessible.
  5. Bring food and water with you.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings, don’t put yourself in danger and keep your car locked while you are in it
  7. If at all possible have a partner with you, there is safety in numbers.
  8. Be safe, if a situation arises or if you fear for your safety, just get away as fast as you can.
  9. Depending on your area of the country you are in, dress appropriately, keep warm, after all it is November.
This will be a thankless task, probably no one outside of your family or friends will know what you are doing, but just remember you are on the front lines of preserving democracy.
-Tom in NC
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10 years ago

Naturally, the billy club black panther idiots were only there for intimidation. It might have worked on a few–I don’t know–I would think if they ran into someone like Steve or myself they would still be in the hospital. I’d go home and get a gun and shoot the bastards. No one stops me from voting. I went to a poling place in Jax and ran into a lib who made a few remarks about republicans and conservatives, so I told him to stuff his philosophy up his ‘A@@…He didn’t appreciate it much but like all Libs he backed down… Read more »

The Angry White Woman
The Angry White Woman
10 years ago
Reply to  ron

Unbelievable! This ain’t America no more, is it.
Ron, I had a similar incident with a crazed female Obama supporter in Durango, Colorado.
The dem-convention was happening at the time and a handful of granola-eaters were having a little kumbaya session in a parking lot. Make a long story short, this little gal assumed since we were from California that we were raging libs. Anywho, I set her straight and sent her skittering down the sidewalk, toe-thongs slapping on C-ment, screaming, “Blue collar trailer trash!”
Thas’ right, she totally underestimated the power of JACK DANIELS.

10 years ago

Well, angry—I love ya already….

10 years ago

In King County (Seattle) it’s all vote by mail now…and it’s resulted in corruption behind the scenes w/”missing” ballots, etc. Hate the stupid system…

The Angry White Woman
The Angry White Woman
10 years ago
Reply to  DCG

Glad to know about the possible/probable” vote by mail” fraud. I was considering this option but as I was telling my husband about it this morning it began to sound dubious in my own head.

10 years ago

Thankfully, I was greeted by a local conservative candidate at our voting office. Thugs and bullies will not stop us from saving our country!