Look who was invited to the White House

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Al Sharpton at White House
He’s at the White House because he’s an honorable man who has integrity and has worked very hard to make something decent and respectable of himself.
The other one is a race baiting asshole known as Al Sharpton!
H/t my friend John Molloy.
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0 responses to “Look who was invited to the White House

  1. so true….

  2. traildustfotm

  3. Yikes! Must you remind us of the evil that enters the White House? [Groan!]
    But, be that as it may – and, apparently it is, it is not surprising that Obama’s first cousin comes to visit him:
    Obama’s Political First Cousin: Race Baiter Al Sharpton

  4. Dr. Eowyn – Thank you for never failing to post that which needs candid exposure! You are indeed in keeping with the New Testament Ephesians 5:11 Scripture that exhorts Christians to reprove the deeds of darkness!
    Two people in your posted article remind me of the one past short article I posted sometime ago:
    XXX Rated Sandwich

  5. LOL!!! Love that “Reverends From Hell” pic! Best online pic I’ve seen in a long time!

  6. I can’t even imagine how long it is going to take Merry Maids to clean and disinfect OUR White House when the change over happens.

    • Lance Jackson

      They’ll never get rid of the feral monkey smell, not the spiritual demonic voodoo hat permeates the blight house. They’ll have to burn it all down and declare the entire Wash AC/DC area uninhabitable for 10,000 years

    • I hope they have a lot of sh*t shovels.
      I have a feeling they are going to need them.

  7. You mean to say that these two blacks still thinks any cares about their opinion when they come out of their rat holes to gripe about racism? If obamA invited these two to the White House it shows the stinking low morals of our presidency and the black man occupying it and shows blacks never forget they’ black until they want sympathy then like their destruction of Baltimore they want to remind us their a minority and deprived it shows that their black leaders used the American system to steal opportunities they don’t deserve or worked for.

  8. I am sure he was there to make a payment in his delinquent taxes.


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