Look Where We Found Kissinger

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Isn’t this cozy.

That old lizard, 88-year-old Henry Kissinger — a known member of the occultic Bohemian Club, Council on Foreign Relations, Aspen Institute, and the Bilderberg Group — popped up in China to celebrate the murderous Chinese Communist Party’s 90th anniversary.

Kissinger Attends Chongqing “Red Song Gala”

Source: Xinhua (China News Agency), June 30, 2011

On June 29, 2011, the Chongqing Municipal government held a giant “Red Song Gala” at the Olympic Sports Center in celebration of the Chinese Communist Party’s 90th anniversary. It is claimed that 100,000 people at the stadium sang simultaneously along with the main singers, turning the sports center into a sea of song. Chongqing’s CCP chief Bo Xilai, along with former U.S. Secretary of State Kissinger and other senior Party and military officials, attended the gala. The gala started by singing the song “Follow the Communist Party” and reciting “The Communist Manifesto,” followed by other “classic red songs.”

Thus far, Kissinger has managed to evade calls to prosecute him for war crimes, as well as legal summons by investigators in France, Chile and Argentina seeking to question him regarding his role in the disappearances of numerous citizens of the US and other nations, in regard to his involvement in Operation Condor.

After Kissinger left government, he founded and is the chairman of Kissinger Associates, an international consulting firm, a major client of which is the Chinese Communist Party government.


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12 responses to “Look Where We Found Kissinger

  1. Shows you where his colors were all along. How much danger is the US in? The greatest danger is from inside the Kremlin oops sorry the White House.

  2. It was this communist that brought us the metric system, I remember him saying this is a new world market and the 3rd world countries need to supply us useing a system they understand, now look what we have, all the damn jobs over there,. Can you remmember life before NAFTA when we all a had jobs and America could supply itself.I dont care if your Republican or Democrat, we need a party that puts the country first, not the government, and put aside all the little issues, and look at the big picture, if we had a big war now, who would provide the supplies? If you think China will you are nuts, they could be the warrior attacking our shores!!!

  3. I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating.

    Kicking open the door to China really wasn’t such a good idea.


  4. lowtechgrannie

    He’s always been a creature of the Rockefeller interests. So was “wonder boy” Nixon. How do we make amends to the people of Taiwan and China who suffered and lost lives to the Maoist regime for what the Rockefellers/Carnegie Foundations did to support the communists goals?

    • Grannie,

      Chinese are still suffering, 35 years after Mao finally went to Hell. Just ask the relentlessly hounded neo-Buddhist sect, Falun Gong; the underground Christian church; the Tibetans; the Uighurs in Xinjiang; and political dissidents. In fact, Kissinger’s paymasters — the Communist Party regime — have initiated a new crackdown on dissidence, in fear of an economic downturn (bursting of the real estate bubble; inflation, esp. of food prices, etc. etc.)

      • lowtechgrannie

        About 10 years ago a Tibetan family were my next door neighbors. Their people fled to India when the Communists overran Tibet. They explained to us that the Communists will never “free Tibet” because of they want the mineral wealth of Tibet.

        On the Rockefeller front, I believe that David Horowitz’s book on The Rockefeller family specified that the Vietnam war was actually fought over tungsten. Athe end of WW II the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation financed and undertook a huge project, an inventory of ALL THE NATURAL RESOURCES IN THE WORLD! It was called “Resources for Freedom.” Towards the end of the 1950s or early 1960s they tried to get the Federal Government to reimburse them for their study to the tune of over $1,000,000!

        We were chummy with both Russia and the Chinese Communists all the while fighting in Nam. It was a sham war. I really have come to believe the entire “Cold War” that was spoon-fed to the public was actually a sham.

        • VietNam has considerable off-shore oil, now being developed, as well. The French were there earlier to protect Michelin, which had rubber tree plantations. Other readers will know of more, no doubt.

  5. Many thanks, Eo, for publishing the truth about this very key proto-Red fascist. I never met him, but have a friend [25+ yrs in CIA] who accidentally met him in a Pentagon elevator, along w/ McNamara and Bundy, toward the end of the VietNam War. He said that they oozed an aura of raw power “that was almost palpable”, to use his words. Sounds to me to be the same feeling one would have encountering a boa constrictor or anaconda!

  6. Eowyn, Satan will appear as if he is really Jesus Christ. Of course, that would include an “oozing” of raw power. Heck, he’ll come around and convince the world that he is the returning Christ.

    The problem with the likes of Kissinger is that he is, without a doubt, a person respected by left and right. Political parties in the US are also just different names for the same party. Every time there is an election, we go for “change” and then nothing at all changes. The reason is that there is one party, loyal to some other entity than the American People, and then we are left to pay for and pick up the pieces.

    Think about it, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama, all campaigned on “change”.

    Enough already. Let’s get rid of the Kissingers. Enough of his compatriots in both parties, for they are in truth, truly evil. It is time to find real change and that is not to be found within the extant political parties in the US.

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