Look at what happened to Hillary Clinton’s right eye

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During the 2016 presidential campaign, the Alternative Media caught Hillary Clinton’s eyes go googledegoo. Her left eye, in particular, is prone to going out of alignment.

But the peculiarities about Hillary’s eyes go beyond them going out of alignment: sometimes her eyes are blue, other times brown.

And then there’s this about her right eye:

Below are some screenshots I took from the video (click image to enlarge). As you can see in the third screenshot (right), her right eyeball quickly returned to normal.

Is there a technical explanation of her right eyeball going all weird, or is this another case of the curious phenomenon of reptilian eyes? See:

Below are side-by-side pics of the “reptilian” eyes of Hillary, Miley Cyrus and Stephen Fry:

See also:


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0 responses to “Look at what happened to Hillary Clinton’s right eye

  1. Nah, Hillary is just drunk, she like her sister in lalaland SC JUSTICE Ruthie Ginsberg are boozehounds.

  2. They have “beams” in their eyes. Beams as opposed to, say, splinters. And, if you ask me, all of those eyes you’ve profiled look suspiciously reptilian. Thanks for keeping a vigilant eye on this!


  4. I’m wondering if this is some sort of drone of her. It doesn’t really look like her of does this thing have her presence. I’ve had the thought that she did die shortly after the last episode of collapse during the 9/11 remembrance ceremony. Just a thought! I put nothing past the elites.

  5. Brain damage… not enough to make pupils different sizes though.

  6. “eyes are the windows to the soul”…clearly her soul is messed up

  7. If I were asked “whatever is wrong with Hillary Clinton?” I would reply that “My short answer is ‘everything’ but my complete answer would be a very long list of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual deficits.”
    It may be far easier to ask ‘What is right about her?’ as that list –if it could even be made– would be very, very short. I’m not yet sure I could say ‘Chelsea’ as that entity has yet to show its true worth, aside from a poseur political benefit to her ‘parents’ which in itself is another unopened can of worms.

  8. Looks like she blew a tie-rod… reptilian, maybe? lmao!

  9. Contact lenses, reflecting the television camera light, possibly tinted, altering her natural hazel eye color?

    • I dunno-her eyes changed color within view of the cameras;hard to add/remove contacts quickly enough to fool a video-cam.

  10. Eyes going out of sync like that is something that seems impossible, but there it is, happening to her–I’m trying to keep an open mind about whether those underworld ‘elitists’ have gotten enough info from satan and the fallen angels in order to be capable of creating some kind of genuine android that can imitate a human being, but it’s things like this that make me go, ‘Hmmmmm?!’ Unless someone can take one of them apart, and show us they’re actually machines inside, the jury needs to remain out for me–all we can do is wait for some real confirmation–for demonic possession as well–but, when people are demonically possessed, don’t the demons cause them to do things like try to jump into fires, froth at the mouth, and hurt themselves, etc.?
    Demons are disembodied spirits of the nephilim, which are the hybrid offspring of fallen angels and human women aren’t they? So, they are totally crazed, and cause their victims to do horrible things to themselves and others, is what I’ve heard about them, and what is recorded in God’s word about the effects they have on people. Whatever is wrong with Hillary, though, with her eyes going googly like that, would be something very interesting to find out about–maybe an eye dr. could clarify if human eyes can go out of sync that way, then go back in synch again–or if it’s a physical near-impossibility–I say ‘near’ since it is actually happening in Hillary’s case.

  11. I have read that Hillary Clinton has strabismus. She may have an astigmatism, also. The only explanation I can surmise for any reptilian pupils or irises is demonic activity—but if that is what it is, rest assured God Himself is COMMANDING it in that He is Commanding the demon to show his hand, as it were.
    As for the changing color of the pupils, a natural explanation may suffice: Lighting from different angles creating different reflections. Some people, including myself, have two-color eyes: If you enlarge my recent photo (from a 2016 selfie), you will see that my eyes have a slight yellow circle around the iris. (When I was younger it was far more prominent.)
    But to the question at hand: Is Hillary Clinton demonically possessed—either in the Traditional Catholic sense, or in the looser Protestant sense of “having a demon”? I insist YES.
    And I am convinced she is not alone, in the least. I am convinced the Elder Bush, Barack Obama, Queen Elizabeth and many others are possessed, in the Traditional Catholic sense of the term. I am also convinced that Frankenpope is possessed. Others have surmised that Malachi Martin was possessed.
    Demonic activity is on the loose on this Earth now as it never has been before, and it’s “in your face,” as it were. Unless these people are insane, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they invited their demons in. Again, God is merely Commanding these demons to show themselves, in some way or other.
    I have had to deal with a number of adults in education whom I am convinced, when I look back on it, were, in fact, possessed. I have witnessed demonic activity. We owe it to ourselves (and God) to understand what we are up against.

  12. What Joseph said, except HRC has no soul. It has long been bought, paid for and inhabited by demons.

    • WHOA! What a second!
      It sure looks like Mrs. Clinton has no soul. But if that is the case, then she is not responsible for what she does: There can be neither reward nor punishment for her in the next life. If such is the case, then Why Bother examining her most curious case?
      Hillary Clinton does have a soul, all right. And her Day of Reckoning is coming. It seems to me there will be no escape for her from the MONSTER she has become. Then she will DEVOUTLY WISH she had no soul!

      • HRC’s projection on Trump supporters as being IRREDEEMABLE said it all. I believe her soul is long lost. What remains for her after life is immediate torment and punishment. No purgatory for her, she cannot be cleansed.

      • I agree with you–because, I was actually led to pray for her at one point not long ago, and that actually took me aback, so I questioned the Lord about it, wondering why in the world He’d lead me to pray for someone who people saw as being totally lost!
        I did pray for her, but I have been asking Him as to why He’d led me to pray for her ever since–what was the purpose, since she still appeared to be traveling down the same occult-riddled path she had before–that’s when it occurred to me that He may not be going to turn her life-style around before she dies, but He may be looking at it from the perspective of having her reach out to Him at least before she dies–however, praying for our enemies is one thing Christ told us we had to do, in obedience to Him, in Matthew 5:44–and, I’m thinking since that’s the case, He doesn’t have us pray for people for no reason whatsoever–that’s why I agree with you–she definitely does have a soul–and, I believe now that God through Christ is looking to save it–but, I have no idea how He plans on doing that–I just pray His will be done in her case, as in all cases, amen. 🙂

  13. I think it’s just a matter of good old Drain Bamage. [Concussion(s), Stroke(s), Mental Illness or just plain cerebral nuropathy]

  14. I’ve seen this and more with others. What is really weird is another person who is sitting right beside you and see’s it and you both look at each other as….’holy moly did you see that or have is it just me?’ It is rather eye opening….pun intended.

  15. It is an escape portal for all her meanness.


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