London Parliament to debate banning Trump from entering UK

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This is friggin’ unbelievable.
On January 18, the British Parliament is scheduled to debate whether Donald Trump should be barred from entering the UK.
CNN reports (via Q13Fox), Jan. 5, 2016, that an online citizen’s petition to ban Trump from the UK had garnered more than 568,000 signatures, which is well above the 100,000 threshold required for a measure to be considered for a Parliamentary debate.
The petition says that since the UK has banned entry to people for “hate speech” before, “the same principles should apply to everyone who wishes to enter” the country, including Donald Trump.
The petition was precipitated by Trump’s proposal to temporarily halt the immigration of Muslims into the United States. The proposal prompted UK Prime Minister David Cameron to call Trump “stupid” and “three times a loser.”

Nota bene: I propose that Congress pass a resolution banning David Cameron from entering the U.S.A.

Obama & David Cameron play table-tennis at Globe Academy in South London 2011 (Source)

Obama & David Cameron play table-tennis at Globe Academy in South London 2011 (Source: Daily Mail)

Last week, the UK government released a statement stating that Home Secretary Theresa May has the power to “exclude a non-European Economic Area national from the UK if she considers their presence in the UK to be non-conducive to the public good” and that “The Home Secretary has said that coming to the UK is a privilege and not a right. She will continue to use the powers available to prevent from entering the UK those who seek to harm our society and who do not share our basic values.”
Trump owns a golf course in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.
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0 responses to “London Parliament to debate banning Trump from entering UK

  1. Reblogged this on Debatable News: Mainstream to Tinfoil Hat and more and commented:
    Did you see the video of Rubio and the heckler in Dallas? (If Rubio cannot handle a heckler without the use of a goon, how is he going to handle someone like Putin?)

  2. “The Home Secretary has said that coming to the UK is a privilege and not a right. She will continue to use the powers available to prevent from entering the UK those who seek to harm our society and who do not share our basic values.”
    So….rather than ban mozlems, who want NOTHING to do with UK’s “values” and, instead, wants to ban a potential future American President…
    Makes perfect sense to me – if I were a completely inebriated MORON.

  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Isn’t that the same reasons muslims should be banned from the U.S.?

  4. Not to worry Secretary May, soon your country will suck so much by all the out of control Muslims running around and raping and killing people there, that no one would want to go there anywhere.
    Maybe one of these days they will realize being PC is fatal.
    FYI if Cameron has those thoughts about Trump, a man that just wants to keep his country safe and restore her, he is a piss poor PM.

    • You’re absolutely right, Glenn, David Cameron is an idiot, who hasn’t got a clue that he’s about to go down in one of the greatest defeats in British history at the next Election.

    • England is becoming the Chicago of the World! And if they maintain their attitude regarding allowing infidel-killing Muslims in while not allowing the next US President,that very close to being a Declaration of War. Seems to me that,traditionally,the President or Royalty of another Country can even visit a Country they’re at War with-it’s called Diplomacy. Granted,we’re not at War with Britain,yet,and Trump is not the President,yet,but come on-this is just PC to the highest possible extreme. I have to give Props to the Brits for sticking to – what passes for – their principles on this perceived issue,however idiotic and misguided they may be…

  5. Looks like they play more than table tennis together.

  6. What is the betting that most of the petition signers, to ban Trump from entering the UK, were American Democrats and English Conservatives? The English government’s online citizen’s petition has long been suspect as being nothing more than another government fairy activity, created, I believe, by the psychopath and war criminal Bliar, (sic). Cameron is no different!
    It would be hilarious if parliament does have the debate and votes to ban Trumpy-boy’s entry. Then, upon his presidential inauguration announces that he will make an official visit to England – in all seriousness and with a hint of his typical cheekiness. And sails up the Thames in the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carrier, Gerald R. Ford, the latest Ford-class supercarrier, supported by the U.S. Navy’s flotilla.

    • “And sails up the Thames in the U.S. Navy’s aircraft carrier, Gerald R. Ford, the latest Ford-class supercarrier, supported by the U.S. Navy’s flotilla.”
      That WOULD be a riot, wouldn’t it?

  7. For this to pass would be interesting: If Trump actually is elected President, he would be the first President to be banned from entering England, barring an edict from the Queen, I guess.
    But the British have one thing right: An alien’s entering a country IS a privilege and NOT a right. Good Luck in telling Obama & Co. that.

  8. They have lost their minds, like so many in the USA.

    • They have, right? I feel so badly for the women being raped and their countries’ leaders are allowing this to happen. Good grief…

    • I am SO GLAD we’re outta THAT cesspool! England has apparently not improved over the last couple hundred years-they’re STILL idiots.

  9. If Trump were to have a Syrian passport made, he should be able to travel throughout the UK. At least, it works here.

  10. Considering what the petition stated about hate speech and what Theresa May said about public good and Uk values, I would like to know why they allow the Muslims into their Country. Tons of hate speech from Muslims, violence from Muslims, Muslim men raping British girls and women, holding British girls as sex slaves and threatening their families with death if they tell their parents, shariah police threatening British citizens, Muslims threatening to take over the UK. What is going on with our leaders? If Trump is elected, he will do what the UK and all of Europe should do.

  11. Since Trump owns property in Scotland . . . how could they possibly keep him from visiting his property. I hate to say it, I am descended from English/Irish/Scottish peoples, but good grief they really are damn dumb! They got sucked into thinking that the State could do a great job of taking care of every conceivable problem they might have–so now they are all owned by their government . . . and their government calls the tune.

    • HMMmmmm–is THAT where Obama got HIS game plan?? Sounds JUST like what WE are seeing here,only we have that pesky US Constitution he has to work hard to ignore.

    • In the 1600s, England had a brief time of freedom from the tyranny of royals with the trial and beheading of Charles I, son of James I, King James VI of Scotland before becoming king of England. Other than that, up to that time, most of humanity had lived bowing before people walking about with metal hats affixed with shiny stones.
      Trump is German/Scotch. He is a product of private schools, the general source of political leadership, but his last two years were spent in a military academy. Kofi Anan and Kim Il Un went to Swiss boarding schools.

  12. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Some welcome regression and disdain progress.

  13. What they better be concerned with is the coming takeover of the UK by the filthy, disease-ridden mooooooooooooooooooslim savages.

    • Dave . . . I just read that the Trump Organization will stop the 1 Billion investment plan that they had for Scotland, if Great Britain does exclude him from being able to visit. I can’t imagine they would turn down this kind of investment, As the article stated it would give the whole world the idea that Great Britain is against free speech, and I agree with that. I whole heartedly agree they should spend their time, as you indicated, worrying about what is going to happen with the burgeoning hoards of Muslims they need to be prepared to deal with. (Let’s face it the prospect of vacationing in Europe gets to be less attractive every day that passes.) The latest goings-on regarding the coordinated rapes and sexual assaults that occurred on New Years Eve should just about give them a full plate–without worrying about what Donald Trump is talking about. They are just ignorant of what really constitutes a real threat to them and their citizens!

      • If one is planning travel to Europe, make your hotel reservations now, before they are all taken. When I say taken, I mean TAKEN!
        To get Parliament to debate and vote on keeping one out of the UK, one hundred thousand signatures are needed. It should have been easy to obtain that many signatures from Muslims in the UK; there are many Brits who are decent, intelligent, and good citizens, they just have to have reality presented to them.

  14. It was actually a Muslim MP who called for the ban…no surprises there then.

  15. Exactly, they got all the ragheads to sign it a few times, and these limey assholes buy it?
    They’ve already banned others like Michael Savage. But they let all the muslim slime in no problem.
    Neither Trump or Savage threatened to behead, bomb and inflict sharia.
    Not even close, they just tell the truth.
    How can an American not be outraged?
    Britain was so totally dead meat during WWII, and this is the thanks?
    Whoever becomes President, the U.S.A. should still inflict some bigtime revenge.

  16. The powers in Britain use anyone they can, especially Americans. Behind closed doors, they talk about “recovering the American colony,” and they have always played us. We should have had no part in WW I, but Wilson betrayed us into it. We provided much in many ways, including funding, but we were mocked by every country in Europe except one when we asked for repayment. The one was grateful and honorable Finland, which paid its war debt. We should have been laughing at the City of London long ago.

  17. Is this the caption contest?
    Obama says;
    “How come your finger smells like the Prince George’s butt?”


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