Lockdown deaths on pace to exceed Wuhan virus deaths

As if no one could have predicted this…

h/t Twitchy

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1 month ago

Wait, so you’re saying we can’t trust agenda-driven $cience? 🙂

This is the most massive propaganda push the world has ever seen. They want people to drop their brains in a panic and plead with their diseased leaders to help them. It’s sick how well propaganda works.

Dr. Eowyn
1 month ago

Clearly, to politicians like California Gov. Newsom who insist on continuing the “soft” martial law of lockdown, those lives don’t matter. /Sarc

1 month ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

Governor Baker of Massachusetts is sliding into the same mode as Governor Newsom. Baker has quickly morphed fro “useless RINO” to full-blown fascist.