LIVE: Fugitive Dorner in shootout with police in Big Bear / Update, May be Dead !!!

Dorner May Have Died In Fire After Standoff; Deputy Shot To Death

Reports of automatic gunfire ringing out.

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Accused cop killer Christopher Dorner is reportedly in the middle of a gun battle with police in the Big Bear area of Southern California.  There have been reports of one or two officers down during the reported shooting.
A Fish and Game warden might be one of the wounded.  Authorities swarmed to the scene earlier today after it was reported Dorner was spotted in the area.  The gun battle is reportedly happening near Glass Road and Highway 38.
Earlier reports said Dorner had tied up a couple in a cabin in the area and possibly stole a truck.  Dorner is accused of killing three people in the Los Angeles area, including one Riverside police officer.
He’s been the subject of a manhunt since last week. In his manifesto Dorner said he did not want to be taken alive.


Transcript: Reporter Carter Evans Trapped In Center Of Dorner Gunfight

IG BEAR ( — CBS2/KCAL9 correspondent Carter Evans was describing the situation to anchor Sandra Mitchell via cell phone when authorities began exchanging gunfire with fugitive Christopher Dorner. Gunfire was heard from several directions.
BACKGROUND: yelling, faintly “Get out of here, get out of here”
SANDRA: Is that someone yelling the background, carter?
CARTER: Yeah, we got authorities yelling at us to get out of here, but we don’t know where to go, frankly to tell you the truth.
SANDRA: Carter what are you hearing, what are you seeing.
CARTER: Uh, I see authorities, I’m going to have to speak quieter now, I have you on the speaker phone. I see authorities honing in on an area on a cabin that is about 200 feet ahead of us right now. I see a lot of these authorities moving to take cover themselves.
CARTER: I hear some screaming, you heard all that gunfire.
SANDRA: That was gunfire.
CARTER: I see a team of sheriff’s deputies in full-on fatigues with weapons drawn running toward us right now. We are down on the ground behind the wheels of our car right now and the door is open, I am talking to you on the speaker phone. We are right, right in the center of the action here, we are right where this is happening.
CARTER: We’re trying to, we’re not moving from our vehicle, because this is a very fluid situation. We’re staying here, we don’t want to get caught in the crossfire ourselves.
UNIDENTIFIED: Hey you! Come here!
UNIDENTIFIED: You! Come here! [Unintelligible]
UNIDENTIFIED: Hey! Get the f— out of here now!
[Unintelligible yelling]
SANDRA: I want to check back with Carter Evans. Carter? Are you there?
UNIDENTIFIED: Get the f— down. Down! Keep it down!
UNIDENTIFIED 2: Hey, hey! …Get the f— out, get the f— out now.

Transcript: Reporter Carter Evans Trapped In Center Of Dorner Gunfight
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Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
7 years ago

Update: one of the two cops Dorner injured this afternoon has died.

Trail Dust
7 years ago

Does this one fit the template for new gun control laws?

7 years ago
Reply to  Trail Dust

Register self-righteously angry, left-wing fans of gun-bans and Piers Morgan with a grudge against society, not guns… no wait, ban “assault weapons,” for the children!! (that’s more like it for left/libtards)

7 years ago

So much for due process,,,