Little dog saves 4 tiny kittens from fire

The Jack Russell is a small dog — a type of terrier that ranges in size from 1o to 15 inches long.

Leo is a Jack Russell mix who lives with his human (a woman with four children) and animal (another dog, Barney, and four newborn kittens) family in Melbourne, Australia.

Leo may be small but he has the heart of a lion.

One night, Leo’s house caught fire. Soon, flames filled the whole house.

Leo’s human family and Barney managed to get out, but Leo refused to flee.

When the firefighters got into the building, they found little Leo lying unconscious on the ground.

When they picked him up, they noticed that four tiny and alive kittens were underneath him. Leo was keeping the kittens safe by using his body to shield them from the fire.

Fortunately, the firefighters were able to revive Leo with oxygen.

H/t Happiest

God’s creatures like little Leo are extraordinary in their courage and sacrificial love. They put us humans to shame.

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13 responses to “Little dog saves 4 tiny kittens from fire

  1. Murdered Rhodesian farmer Terry Ford’s dog, was a Jack Russell, who refused to leave his side, even after he was murdered by the Liberals beloved racist terrorists of war criminal despot Lord Robert Mugabe’s Democrat thugs. This is a true story that a movie should be made about, but of course our enemies who currently control much of the MSM, would never, ever do a movie about this,, that could awaken more people to their Kalergi Plans to destroy Western Civilization.

    ‘In the continuing political terror of Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, who can ever forget the14-year-old Jack Russell terrier Squeak?
    The body of Terry Ford, the tenth white farmer murdered by the Mugabe regime was found doubled up beside the gate of his home farmstead with his faithful dog curled next to him on March 19, 2002.
    Even in death Squeak refused to leave the side of his master, and was with him until authorities bundled the 55-year-old farmer into a tin coffin.
    Squeak, who went everywhere with Terry Ford, was with him in the last desperate moments of his life when he was trying to leave his farm in a vehicle.’

    Farmer’s terrier belongs in same category as Greyfriar’s Bobby

  2. Our domesticated animals are so precious and lovable. The world would be a much better place if humans emulated this Jack Russell.

  3. What a brave doggie!

  4. Well, there it is, big old tough me couldn’t get through this without tearing up! The largest pet store in Vancouver, BC in the 70s & 80s was The Animal Kingdom. Their logo was “For the only love that money can buy” and it may still be there.

  5. What a wonderful little dog. So glad the fire fighters could resuscitate him. He was so cute when reunited with the kittens.

  6. If more people would be like Leo, the world would be a happier place.
    “Man is the only animal who refuses to be what he is.” —Thomas Merton

  7. Leo is so smart, loving and brave. What a special dog!

  8. The video is ten years old.

    • How do you know that?
      Even if it is, what’s your point? The little dog is still a hero.
      Betcha you never saved anyone from a fire.

  9. My recued, motherly Blonde Lab would not let my husband start his car up one cold January evening to get gas for the morning drive…. and then again in the morning, she likewise blocked us…she crawled as far as she could under the car so we could not “go.” We could not see anything under the car either time. But, Finally, I told my husband that he should look under the hood for small animals…snakes, rats, anything…..and lo and behold, there were 2 tiny kittens who’d jammed themselves up into the motor/mounts/etc…..As usual, our mother Lab raised them. The orange one we called “Punkin” and the Black and White Tuxedo was originally named “Oreo.” But everytime I picked him up, I told him he was “So Cute!!!.” One day he wandered and my husband was frantic to find him. He called “Oreo” all day with no result. When I got home from work and heard the story, I said that we should call for “So Cute.” And, he came out from a day-long hiding place under the couch immediately (so he’d NOT gone outside as we feared) to the sound of the name he THOUGHT was his….”So Cute.” And, thereafter, that was his official name after-all. Our “fur-babies” teach us much through the years of living with them 🙂 I am never surprised by their actions/reactions to living with us. They know how to love unconditionally & connect with their humans and others in their lives.

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