Listen to the incredible voice of this 9-year-old girl!

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Are you feeling despairing of our wretched human condition?

Watch this, and your heart will soar.

You won’t believe the full-grown opera voice that comes out of this 9-year-old girl. She is Amira Willighagen, auditioning for Holland’s Got Talent by singing “O Mio Babbino Caro.”

For her amazing performance, little Amira was awarded a “Golden Ticket,” which allowed her to proceed straight to the Live Show.

She won the 2013 Holland’s Got Talent.

Amira’s first CD, entitled simply Amir, with the three arias she performed on Holland’s Got Talent, was released on March 31, 2014.

I am reminded of what the great 20th century American novelist Thomas Wolfe (1900-1938) once wrote:

“This is man: For the most part a foul, wretched, abominable creature, a packet of decay,…a hater of his kind, a cheater, a scorner, a mocker, a reviler, a thing that kills and murders in a mob or in the dark, loud and full of brag surrounded by his fellows, but without the courage of a rat alone… This is man, who will…bow down in worship before charlatans, and let his poets die… Yes, this is man, and it is impossible to say the worst of him, for the record of his obscene existence, his baseness, lust, cruelty, and treachery, is illimitable…

Yet if the gods could come here to a desolate, deserted earth where only the ruin of man’s cities remained…a cry would burst out of their hearts… Behold his works:

He needed speech to ask for bread, and he had Christ! He needed songs to sing in battle, and he had Homer! He needed words to curse his enemies, and he had Dante, he had Voltaire, he had Swift! He needed cloth to cover up his hairless, puny flesh against the seasons, and he wove the robes of Solomon… He needed a temple to propitiate his God, and he made Chartres and Fountains Abbey!…

Plagues wasted him, and cruel wars destroyed his strongest sons, but fire, flood, and famine could not quench him…

So this is man, the worst and best of him, this frail and petty thing who lives his day and dies like all the other animals, and is forgotten. And yet, he is immortal, too. For both the good and evil that he does live after him.”

H/t FOTM’s Ken L.


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0 responses to “Listen to the incredible voice of this 9-year-old girl!

  1. As an opera lover this makes me want to cry. No nine year old child should be singing operatic material, especially arias like Musetta’s Walz or O mio babbino caro. She is just too young. The vocal cords which produce such musical ranges are delicate, very fragile and easily damaged. Even adult singers run the risk of damage from overuse. It is tragic what is happening to child singers like this girl and Jackie Evanko. Unless they have years of proper training their vocal cords will deteriorate to a point where in ten years a career in opera will not be an option. Training for the opera takes time. Opera competitions have age restrictions for singers 18-26, some go to 28. If a child has a very beautiful voice, instead of being thrust in front of TV camera, parents should put her in training with a highly competent teacher who will teach her release of tension and proper breathing techniques without doing permanent damage, otherwise, she will never be able to compete for the real thing.

  2. I understand and appreciate your concerns, Evh and hopefully with her new success her family will provide her with the appropriate guidance. For now I can only listen in awe and accept her as a gifted musical,prodigy.

    • I certainly hope she gets the proper training and will still be singing opera ten years from now. The former child singer, Deanna Durbin, who had a beautiful voice, began singing publicly when she was just 15 years old, but she was lucky enough to be trained by one of the most famous voice instructors in the world, Andres de Segurola, who was not only a teacher but a famous opera star as well.

  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this beautiful post. This most incredible little girl with such an exquisite voice disproves the theory of evolution. No one but God could have given this to her – no evolution here. She is wonderful!


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