Lisa Murkowski…Is a Rhymes with Witch

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POLITICO Breaking News
Alaska‘s Lisa Murkowski is the first Republican senator to come out against defunding Planned Parenthood. In an e-mail sent to a constituent on Friday and obtained by POLITICO, Murkowski writes, “I do believe that Planned Parenthood provides vital services to those in need and disagree with its funding cuts contained in [the House GOP budget bill].” On Wednesday, Murkowski wrote to the Senate Appropriations Committee urging that the panel protect funding for the group.
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Like this was a surprise. Man she has got to go.

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0 responses to “Lisa Murkowski…Is a Rhymes with Witch

  1. Alaskans get what they vote for….fools.

  2. She’s the dirtiest of political players who apparently learned well from her father. Unions helped her after she lost the primary to become a write-in independent (unethical). Alaskans voted for her for self-serving pork barrel spending brought to the state in exchange for quid pro quo campaign contributions guaranteeing her senate seat. I begged my aunt and uncle in Anchorage not to vote for her, but they did anyway. She has always been a liberal Rino until she lost the Republican race. Now she’s a …..

  3. she’s on the to go list!

  4. I didn’t realize that murder was a ‘vital service.’

  5. Lisa Murkowski and Jerry Brown are Demonrats of different colors.
    She is the lowest of the low and makes no apologies!

  6. TRUE Conservatives don’t have a chance when running in the Republican Party. The Republican RINOS are just as bad as the Demonrats. I keep saying that both parties are controlled by the elites. They BOTH have the same agenda, just different views on how to achieve it.
    What we need to do is :
    A). Do away with the political parties altogether and vote best person PERIOD….OR:
    B) Have a third Party and wake every stupid Republican up to realize that their party is just as corrupt as the Demonrats.
    Both parties and just about everyone in them are puppets. If they weren’t when they went in…they are by now. Look at the RINOS. Do you think they started that way? They all had fiscally and socially conservative ideas but look at them now and how the party has changed. They are all pawns in a higher game yet however…that they have no clue of. They are all being used to bring about the total corruption of the world so that the Lord comes back. Just like G-d said to Moses…get thee down…thy people have corrupted themselves. G-d will tell Jesus…get thee down it is time to do away with Satan and his minions and rule the world with a rod of iron Yourself. I am impatiently waiting for the Lord.

    • Your response is filled with very insightful comments, and clearly shows what has destroyed true Conservative philosophy and political thinking in both Kanada and the US. Not to be a broken record, but Dr Richard Weaver’s “Ideas Have Consequences” is still the single best essay on this subject. I wish it were mandatory reading for every HS student before graduation!
      Finally, I’ve known several women who had abortions [none from rape, however], and they all –w/o exception– said they came to regret it as the biggest mistake in their life. An unfulfilled life is perhaps the saddest of human events, and when it’s murder…. Impossibly difficult to live with afterward, I think, from what I learned.

  7. Whoops! I meant to attach this to both Patriot Angel and sage brush’s, equally, don’t know how to do it now, but you get my drift. I should have written “Both your responses….” My apologies.


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