Link to New Blog of Al the Skip Tracer ?

I think this may be a new blog started by ” Al the skip tracer”  who came upon the Harrison J. Bounel connection to the fake Obama Social Security number and address at 5046 S Greenwood.  
 He’s posted redacted versions of his findings online. 
Check it out!
NOTE:  I googled a map of one of the “Mystery Addresses” for Obama.  It turned out to be a Federal Office Building.  230 S Dearborn, Chicago.  It’s likely that others will be in the same category.

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9 years ago

Oh LTG! Thank you!
This looks like fun!
Sunlight is indeed the best disinfectant and the more light that is shed on the dark, crawly thing…..the faster and further he will have to scurry!
Run Harry….Barry, whatever your name is…run!

9 years ago

Darn it. My pdf isn’t working.
I feel deprived.