Like this would stop a criminal…

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I like these shoes!

Wanna stop a criminal from shooting?  Charge him an extra buck for each bullet! That’s an idea proposed by Baltimore mayor candidate Otis Rolley (take a wild guess as to his party affiliation).

Otis Rolley said he would, if elected, propose a $1 per bullet tax on all bullet purchases in the city. The idea was part of an overall crime plan he unveiled Tuesday. “This is not a revenue enhancement tool,” Rolley said of the tax idea. “It’s a ‘make it difficult for you to buy bullets in the city’ tool.
Rolley said the measure would cause a decrease in “random firings that too often happen around holidays” and put a high price tag on the cost of committing a crime.  “While the courts have consistently ruled against significant gun control legislation, there is still a way to decrease crime: substantially increase the cost of its commission,” Rolley’s plan states.
“Increasing the cost of guns won’t work, because many criminals don’t purchase new guns, and they can be borrowed or even rented in some areas,” his plan states.
Decrease random firings around holidays?  Increasing taxes on alcohol might help that.  But this “bullet tax” idea is just plain stupid.  If a criminal wants to commit a shooting, they are going to do it one way or another, even if they have to steal the bullets.
(I know, my picture is somewhat related…I just thought they were cools shoes!)
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7 responses to “Like this would stop a criminal…

  1. Yeah, criminals who use guns are law-abiding citizens who’ll dutifully pay an extra buck for each bullet! That mayor is just too ingenious. What a maroon….

    P.S. Debbie, can a woman really walk in those shoes???

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Deb, in this instance, I don’t think I’d care to walk a mile in your shoes! LOL

  3. Otis Rolley is an honors graduate of the Alvin Greene School of Electioneering. I see a “black market” for ammunition in Baltimore.

  4. Only a woman who loves torture and hates her body would wear those stupid shoes! Check to see who the designer was…bet it was a Male who wears flat shoes everyday for his comfort.

    When will women learn that it really is not necessary to torture and mutilate their bodies for REAL men. We freeze in the winter to look sexy, we burn in the summer to look sexy, We nip, tuck, push, pull and tug. At the end of the day, it is not worth it. The guy who loves you for your natural beauty is the one you really want.

    Good luck to all of the Barbie dolls. I am happy with my guy. since he is still around after many years…I think that he is happy or at least content, (smiles) with me.

    • The shoes were a joke cuz of guns & how I like to shoot them…

      But I do luv my high heels! Even though I’m 5’9″ I still like to wear heels. Call me Barbie all u want, I want to feel and look like a woman. And if you know the mind of a man, you’d know that’s what he wants as well.

      Glad your man is, at least, “content”…


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