Like his predecessor FDR…

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Today’s article by Bob Unruh says what nobody in the main stream media is willing to say. ~TD



Pollster: ‘I cannot remember a time when America was this despondent’

Barack Obama has led the nation into a “full-on depression,” according to a new poll that indicates only one in three people believes America is going in the right direction.

Depressed in America

Depressed in America

The poll shows a whopping 38 percent of Democrats believe America in general is “on the wrong track” or they are not sure.

The results are from a telephone poll conducted for WND by the public-opinion research and media consulting company Wenzel Strategies. It was taken Jan. 9-12 and carries a margin of error of plus or minus 3.22 percentage points.
On the basic question, 34 percent said the nation is going the right direction, 60 percent said America is on the wrong track and 6 percent said they were unsure.

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0 responses to “Like his predecessor FDR…

  1. Yet this POS got re-elected/ stole the election, and people are still doing nothing about it? exactly what will it take to get rid of this prick?

  2. It’s said in our local San Antonio Paper that the majority of Hispanics voted for Obama, and now they are bragging daily in the paper one way or another about how empowered they are now. Well guess what, your empowerment just lowered you standard of living, lost jobs you needed, and you will be crying in your tequila for a long time. How could you be so duped? As for a majority of blacks and some idiot whites; they too will find the same thing happening to them; yet they will find the blame in conservatives. A people who are not informed and make bad decisions get the oppressive government they deserve, but the rest of us have to suffer too!

  3. My dad served FDR in WW2. I always wondered why he wasn’t as proud of it as I was. Toward the end of his life, he confided in me that when FDR was elected, many people thought America was doomed. I finally realized he may have been one of those who understood the dark implications of Roosevelt’s communist infested administration.

  4. ‘Depressed in America’ In more ways than one

  5. I still can’t fathom how this punk go re-elected. Sigh…

  6. The House has a bill waiting to be heard entitled “The Return to Prudent Banking Act” which has been reintroduced in this new Congress by the originator, Marcy Kaptor D Ohio. This is to reinstate the Glass Steagall standard, and separate the commercial banks activity from the investment banks activity. This would mean that the derivative debts would no longer be the responsibility of the US citizens. The banksters would have to either meet their own obligations or declare bankruptcy. Their paper assets would have to be marked down to a realistic dollar value amount, and this would avoid the chaos that would ensue if the US defaulted on it’s debts. Raising the debt ceiling in exchange for cuts to social security and medicare provisions, is counter productive. We need to scrap the FDIC insurance for illegal gambling bank’s debts, and declare the banks insolvent. Write off the bad paper debts and hold onto the commercial paper debts. Since the FED would be bankrupt after these two actions, we would need a new National Bank, and Congress would have to utter credit as per the mandate of the Constitution to get the states back on their feet, and to funnel other credit at low interest rates to finance scientific research and development to increase man’s productivity potentiality, and put enormous infrastructure projects into action, thus employing the people who are on unemployment and who are highly skilled, to do skilled jobs, and have the youth who have no skills to speak of to be taught modern industrial and agricultural and scientific skills so as to have a future worth living for.
    Unless providing credit and highly paid skilled employment is our priority we are looking at a post agricultural, post industrial society, living in rented rooms and apartment and ekeing out a miserable existence on foodstamps and handouts. This is not America.
    Americans have to face the fact that the future is something we have to create, it will not happen unless it is created. Allowing anyone to lead us into a full blown depression doesn’t make sense. Why follow someone who’s going nowhere? One of him and how many of us?
    We can’t come with a better direction after all the wonderful experiences we have enjoyed as a nation?
    We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just follow the Constitution. Why make mistakes that are proven to be utterly disastrous? Libya and Greece are prime examples of this.
    Put personal likes and dislikes aside and get us working on decent projects that will improve civilization and create real wealth, not just printing paper money instead of coming with creative ideas to increase productivity, with new scientific principles that will increase our ability to produce power that will allow us to engage in worthwhile endeavors, not just barely enough expensive energy from a windmill or solar panel, but nuclear power and on to thermonuclear power and matter and anti matter power when we are ready for that too.
    We have to concentrate on feeding everyone correctly and educating them correctly and providing decent employment and housing and healthcare.
    This is scientifically worthwhile.
    God created us to be creative, not destructive.
    Saving money so we can do less?
    No, write of worthless debts, increase the utterance of credit and make the projects we finance work so that the world can be a wonderful place to live in.
    Financing Al Quada militants and then waging wars to fight them seems like madness to me.
    Electing someone whose aim is to try and understand muslim terrorists after they seize a power plant and take hundreds captive, and risk everyone’s lives and cause mayhem sounds pretty far fetched.
    But there again, maybe Moochelle’s new “do” makes it all worthwhile.

  7. There is another form of depression this fraud of a POtuS is bringing about in what is left of America that has little to do with economics.
    I should know, as I am now swimming, no, drowning in it. 🙁


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