Lights in the World

“Shine like lights in the world
as you hold on to the word of life.”
-Philippians 2:15-16

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On Sept. 25, 2011, in Ifjord, Finnmark, Norway, 33-year-old amateur photographer Tommy Eliassen struck photo gold when he captured this beautiful composite image of a meteor, the Milky Way and the Northern Lights.
In an interview with Cater News, Eliassen described what happened:
“Just as the clouds started to come in over the mountains I noticed this faint aurora lining up perfectly beside the Milky Way. Normally the lights from the aurora is much, much stronger than the lights from the stars, so getting the right exposure on both is difficult. But it was ideal conditions – almost once in a lifetime.”
Eliassen used a Nikon D700 with a wide angle lens and long exposures between 25-30 seconds.

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excellent photo. While working in Canada’s arctic I had many opportunities to watch the northern lights(a. borealis), they really are spectacular. Of course being am amateur everything, including photography, I have some great pics of the northern lights and a good one of comet hale bopp crossing the a. borealis, I believe there was even a polar bear milling about. I’d love to share these pics, where can I send them Eowyn, you will enjoy them. I never got around to sending pics of my gardens as I was very busy and then it became too late. I was harvesting… Read more »


Absolutely stunning! I’ve seen several of the aurora borealis, but none in this context… it truly is a rarity to see and capture such an incredible display.