Life-threatening storms to strike mid-West today

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For only the second time in U.S. history, the Storm Prediction Center has issued a high-risk warning for a day of life-threatening storms in a wide swath spanning from Texas to Minnesota.  The most dangerous weather is expected to arrive this afternoon.
The first time was in April 2006, when nearly 100 tornadoes tore across the southeastern U.S., killing a dozen people and damaging more than 1,000 homes in Tennessee.
The worst conditions are projected for late Saturday afternoon between Oklahoma City and Salina, Kan., but other areas also could see severe storms with baseball-sized hail and winds of up to 70 mph, forecasters said.

The warning issued Friday covers parts of Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas.
Tim Ballisty, meteorologist said that the greatest threat for tornados was in parts of Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma, including the cities of Lincoln, Omaha, Wichita and Oklahoma City, citing severe weather expert Greg Forbes.
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0 responses to “Life-threatening storms to strike mid-West today

  1. We are only an hour from the Kansas border & 10 mins ago I heard on a Kansas radio station that a big tornado was already on the ground! I am praying hard core!! LORD be with them ALL!

    • WE DID!! I forgot how great RAIN SMELLS! The ditches are showing green for the first time in YEARS! The 4 feet of hail was only a FIELD away! Thank you for the prayers!!

  2. Prayers that people stay safe!

  3. We too are an hour from KS and both my kids live there…I just saw where a tornado touched down in Great Bend, where my daughter and her family live. I’m keeping my eyes glued to my Weather Channel IPhone App today…no news from them yet but I haven’t heard that there was any damage either.

  4. 

  5. Standing by for more storm response.

  6. Ugh, 3 am and there’s another one on the way so I may as well stay awake. Did I hear right that there were 107 tornadoes spotted today? A death in OK and one in Iowa; am watching a trailer park burn in Wichita after being hit. (on the Weather Channel)

  7. Thank you Fogie…your prayers must have worked; it seems to be all over and we’re all in one piece! High wind advisories but the sun is shining and it’s a pretty good day.

  8. Thanks Grouchy! We got to see rain for the first time in a year!! We slept with the windows and doors open. My 3 yr old had NEVER heard thunder before!!!
    We are going to Woodward, OK this weekend to help cleanup. We are only an hour away. We were so blessed last weekend and our prayers are with the families in OK and KS.


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