Life in Jail…

Isn’t good enough for this dirtbag.  But it’s the way our justice system works, so I’ll take it.

Man Sentenced to Life in Arkansas Military Recruiting Station Shooting


Via Fox News: man who confessed to shooting two soldiers outside a military recruiting station in Arkansas struck a plea deal with prosecutors Monday to avoid the death penalty.

Abdulhakim Muhammad pleaded guilty in the middle of his trial to capital murder and attempted capital murder charges. Pulaski County Judge Herbert Wright then sentenced Muhammad to life in prison without parole for capital murder, with 11 more life sentences for the remaining charges against him plus an additional 180 years in prison.

Muhammad was charged with the killing of Army Pvt. William Andrew Long. He also was charged with attempted capital murder for wounding Pvt. Quinton Ezeagwula in 2009.
He confessed to the shootings in phone calls to The Associated Press, and also admitted his deeds to the judge overseeing his case and to authorities. Muhammad said he was acting in retribution for the deaths of Muslims in U.S. military action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ezeagwula’s mother, Sonja Ezeagwula, testified Monday afternoon shortly after Muhammad pleaded guilty. “I want you to feel the bullet in his head,” she said.

Muhammad and investigators said he drove up to a military recruiting station in Little Rock in 2009, where two soldiers — Long, 23, and Ezeagwula, then 18 — were smoking cigarettes outside. They’d recently completed basic training and had volunteered to work as recruiters. Neither had seen combat. Muhammad fired an assault rifle, killing Long and wounding Ezeagwula.
After the shooting, I sent a sympathy card to the Long family.  They replied back:

Army Pvt. William Andrew Long

“During a time like this we realize how much our friends really mean to us. Your expression of sympathy will always be remembered. Daris, Janet, Vanessa and Robert”
I pray now that the Long family finds comfort in knowing that justice has been served.
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8 years ago

they should make an example out of it,put in front of a firing squad,now the dirtbag can operate from prison,the prisons are stocked with luxurious items they should not be permitted to have.

8 years ago
Reply to  tina

Cable TV, weight room, making younger converts to Islam believe in Man Love Thursday… should’ve gotten the chair.

8 years ago

they should impale the bastard