Libyan Rebels Behead Captured Soldier. Very Graphic.

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Warning, I don’t even want to post this as it is so freakin sick. I feel I have to post it, cause maybe some people will wake the hell up. These are our new friends.
I am done now for the day.. I’m going to the range. I need to shoot the crap out of something..
I want you to meet Skippy and McCain’s new friends. This is who we are backing.  I guess these are the so called moderates. Just why  the crap are we even involved. This is 

very very Graphic.

Really, skip it if you can’t handle it. Save it for later. I am disgusted that we are even dealing with these animals. They are all the same. Muslim = Religion of peace..My big fat arse.

Steve                            H/T  May

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0 responses to “Libyan Rebels Behead Captured Soldier. Very Graphic.

  1. Our lowlife govt.wants to send these hell spawn money,more arms-Excellent point here Steve,as terrible as it may be,Americans need to see what muslims are about. They have one goal. When John McCain was in Libya here few weeks back,the slime ball was walking among these muslims and he actually said”These are my people” minutes later they were sawing this guys head off. They have absolutely NO PLACE here in the United STates. Here is a subject that will fire my rockets and fire them fast.

  2. I couldn’t make much out in the video except some guy hanging upside down and then later he was all bloodied on the ground. Probably a good thing though. I think all these Muslims need to be exterminated anyway…..including the ones in America. Then we just might have a peaceful planet.

  3. Can we call them savages now? I don’t know about the PC crowd out there, but they seem pretty uncivilized to me.

    • Few people who have any sense actually think “Arab Spring” will result in “democracy”.
      In too many places in our world, the alternative is between a dictator (who manages to keep some semblance of order) or total chaos. That’s what we’re seeing in the Mideast. Egypt has held together only because its military refused to prop up Mubarak and remains cohesive as an institution. The military is the only thing standing between the Egyptians and chaos,

  4. Cannot make my self click on vid. I already know how savage these bast*ards are. Disgusting O supports them…

  5. Or we could watch slow motion video of people in car wrecks, suicide bombings, ied explosions, abortions, or ratchet up the video of western civilization self destructing.

  6. the criminal in the whitehouse has talked the g-8 into 20 billion dollars for the arab spring! [they must just pocket this money]

  7. Nothing is worse than what Americans are doing to the world for very long long time. But Europe are awake, as well as people below the equator. let’s hope for the future. These countries are in this situation solely because of oil, everyone has seen this. It is well for years and years. Dead to you Americans and to all you that support the capitalism!!

    • Yeah, you Europeans sure are doing well. Ever heard of PIIGS — those countries in the EU that are on the brink of total collapse because of debt, requiring Germany’s and IMF’s bailout to stay afloat? Guess what “P” stands for. Newsflash! P is for PORTUGAL, where you’re in. LOL
      Another newsflash: Which country is the biggest contributor to the IMF? The United States of America.
      Last question: How come you puny countries in Europe can’t ever defend yourselves without relying on the American military? If it weren’t for America and American GIs — some 200,000 American soldiers died in the European theater of WWII to save your sorry European a** — you’d be under Nazi rule. And if it weren’t for America standing up to the Soviet Union in that “Cold” War, Soviet tanks would have rolled over from Hungary to Portugal, and you’d then be living under that great SOCIALIST paradise with which you’re so enamored, joining all those Soviet citizens in never-ending long lines for milk and toothpaste, while the Communist Party apparatchik buy caviar and champagne in unmarked shops.
      Up your Portuguese wazoo.

  8. You Americans, will have to pay back what you are doing to the world. Sooner or later.


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