Libya, Iraq Deja Vu

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We’ve Been Down This Road Before

By Tom in NC
Back in 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait which resulted in about 1000 Kuwaiti civilians being killed and over 300,000 resident fleeing the country. Now while the circumstances between that conflict and the events in Libya today are completely different, there are several parallels we can’t ignore:

  • We are dealing with a maniacal madman (Ghaddafi), not unlike Saddam Hussein.
  • We are leading a coalition of forces to defeat him, just like we did in 1991 against Iraq.
  • Early decisive victories have setback the Libyan forces. After a brief war ( less than six weeks) Kuwait was liberated.
  • Obama has said that the goal was not to oust Ghaddafi. George H.W. Bush would not oust Saddam Hussein.
  • No-Fly Zones were established over Libya and Iraq. 

Do we really want to repeat this history, do we really want a drawn out committment that could last for years and cost hundreds of billions of dollars (that we don’t have). I say no, if we are going to leave Ghaddafi in power like Bush 41 did with Saddam then we risk more terror threats and attacks. Bush 41 was a fool to leave Saddam in power and now we have a bigger fool poised to make the same mistake.
As far as I am concerned Obama only has two choices, take out Ghaddafi or get us and all of our military assets out of Libya. I’m tired of our brave men and women in the armed forces being used as a glorified police force, that is not their purpose. Libya is not a threat to us and I refuse to feel remorse for people in the middle east, the same people who strap bombs to themselves, their women and even their children to kill Jews, Americans and even other Muslims in the name of a religion.
We know what this is really all about, this is nothing more  than Obama’s vile attempt to portray himself as a strong leader, of which he is neither. Instead he is taking us down a path to destruction at warp speed.
God help us all.

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0 responses to “Libya, Iraq Deja Vu

  1. I say get out…Obama won’t take down Ghaddifi IMO…

  2. Maybe it’s time to hit the road, fire up a Cheech & Chong fattie, and start singing “What a looooooooooooong, strange trip it’s been.”
    I have heard it suggested that under our recently-minted START treaty with Russia, replacing expended ordnance such as cruise missiles, etc., is going to be next to impossible.
    Haven’t had the time to research this as yet, as I have been a bit busy of late, but is anyone else aware of this?


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