Libtards explain their support for the Green New Deal

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“I’m not sure what exactly that would entail” was an answer provided to a specific question about this deal.

Perfectly sums up this whole boondoggle of a “deal.”

h/t Weasel Zippers

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9 responses to “Libtards explain their support for the Green New Deal

  1. As Dr Beter, Brother Nathanial and others have said, the satanic Bolsheviks fled their Soviet Union, and came here & Europe, and turned into the Liberal cultural Marxist Neocons & DemocRats. They are rapidly changing the USA into the USSSA, and that “Green New Deal” is straight out of the lunatic/Bolsheviks who promoted “Lysenkosim” in the Ukraine which resulted in the Holomodor, a real holocaust of 9-14 million Ukrainian Christians

  2. They know it won’t work. But they also know their constituents are dumb as dirt. These people are so stoooooopid they really think the demonrats are going to give them something. They don’t know what. They don’t know how much. They don’t know when. They don’t know who is going to provide it. All they know is that the greedy rich are going to be made to pay. In the end, they’ll have nothing, the middle class will have nothing and the rich will still be rich.
    And this will be a 3rd world country that is unable to help itself , much less the rest of the world. Demonrats are parasites that will ultimately kill the host.

  3. Green New Deal = Occupy Wall Street’s list of demands–list%20of%20demands.preview.jpg

  4. The “Green New Deal” is nothing but repackaged British eugenics, along with Darwinian evolution, Cultural Marxism, nebulous Freudianism and outright chimerical Nietzschean nihilism served up in a word-salad that says, ultimately, nothing, and means, ultimately, nothing—nothing but HUMAN EXTINCTION, if carried to its logical conclusion!

    I am reminded of the Twilight Zone episode of “How to Serve Humans!”

    But believe it or not, we of New York City actually CAN thank AOC for one thing: She helped to nuke the Amazon deal. I live in Long Island City, and had this deal gone through and stood, it would have destroyed not only our streets because of the insane truck traffic, but also the infrastructure itself: The roads and subways here in this neighborhood simply CANNOT sustain the volume of traffic. I think the politicians themselves know that a project of this size belongs either in Hunts Point, The Bronx, or down in Brooklyn by the Bush Army Terminal.

    So I THANK GOD this deal is nuked, and I am absolutely against the CORPORATE WELFARE Amazon has already received from Uncle Sam! DON’T BUY from Amazon—they’re out to take over the World!!!

    Now that you’ve outlived your use, AOC, GO HOME—Your future is all used up!!!

  5. The only green that has value is the dollar, and it is treasured world over.

  6. Penn & Teller get mentally ill stupid Liberals to ban WATER!

  7. “But money being green,
    Is something I’ve never seen;
    ‘Cause I was born to be blue.”

    Mel Torme

  8. O M G !!!!!!! (sorry LORD)
    This degree of STUPID is stunning! I mean, I am stunned!
    Somehow these invertebrates continue to draw breath without a recognizable brain! Lord help us! Save us from these dopes!


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